Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed August 11-18

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

Michael and Kathryn L. Krall and Linda Kae, Randall F., Debbie, Richard S., Lisa, Timothy D. and Teri Adams to Brian D. Johnson, 201 S. Jackson St., Morrison, $115,000.

Timothy A. and Lori A. Matlack, now Bush, to Daniel W. and Allison A. Beals, 16875 Tanglewild Drive, Morrison, $241,500.

Marilyn J. Wildman to Hernan Parra, 401 W. Second St., Tampico, $22,000.

Denette J. and Danny L. Kolb Sr. to Robin A. Hoegerl, 28873 Hub St., Deer Grove, $54,000.

Bruce L. and Deborah A. Kramer to Nathanial T. and Jessica L. Macklin, 18271 Rodeo Drive, Sterling, $575,000.

Charlotte M. Detorrice Estate, Philip J. Detorrice II and Fesa A. Shaw to Joseph P. McDonald, 1408 13th Ave., Rock Falls, $56,000.

Jeffrey and Antonia Weaver to Zachry M. Craft, 307 Grove St., Prophetstown, $42,500.

Jennifer P. Rylander to Rocky Francis and Darcie McGowen, 602 Seventh Ave., Sterling, $60,000.

Terry L. Aurand to Jodie A. Larson, 1409 Johnson Ave., Sterling, $5,000.

Billie Jo Taylor to Jaclyn M. Toureene, 1300 10th Ave., Fulton, $165,000.

Julia Gomez and Timothy Cox Jr. to Kaylyn and Ronald Anger Jr., 1507 11th Ave., Rock Falls, $75,000.

Ryan Eissens Construction Inc. to Susan L. Olsen and Darrell R. Gooch, one parcel on Spring Creek Court, Albany, $11,000.

Mark R. and Debra L. Kaiser to Jeffrey P. and Teresa A. Slagle, 13716 Shelly Drive, Morrison, $245,500.

Garry Bunnell to Paul W. and Marcie S. Rusiniak, 916 W. LeFevre Road, Sterling, $107,000.

Tyler S. Faust to Mark Sisson, 2311 Fifth Ave., Sterling, $90,614.

Eddie Cano to Sergio Arredondo, 1202 Ave K, Sterling, $25,500.

Charla L., Joshua J. and Mandy E. Olson to Taylor G. Smith, 507 W. Park St., Morrison, $72,000.

Charles Chamberlain to James M. Moreno, 1905 English St., Rock Falls, $60,000.

Alan E. Bielema Estate and Shane, Benjamin G. and Brigham K. Bielema to Shannon D. Brauer, 14750 Waller Road, Albany, $65,000.

L. Nicole Tucker to Adeline Callison, 108 Maple Ave., Morrison, $156,500.

Jesus Colon and Karina Gragert to Samantha Colberg, 609 W. Seventh St., Sterling, $85,000.

Greg Fullman to Corwell Properties LLC, 309 Sixth Ave., Sterling, $86,888.

Chris and Mary Troye to Megan Grady, 1004 Riverview Road, Sterling, $158,000.

Pauline Novak Estate, Jerry Novak and Dennis Renois to Eugene M. Weigant, 529 W. Eighth St., Rock Falls, $20,000.

Russell E. and Fran Haan to Heather M. Peralta, 912 W. 13th St., Sterling, $72,800.

James N. Velazquez to Maria O. Leal, 30938 Hahnaman Road, Deer Grove, $0.

Quit claim deeds

Sharon K. Heater Estate and Sandra L. Seeley to Logan Fuller, 209 W. 12th St., Rock Falls, $0.

Phillip J. Sublett to Alan M. Moore, 24850 Indian Ridge Road, Sterling, $60,000.

Trustees deeds

George Hoerler Trust, Craig Hoerler, trustee, to Paul D. and Brigitte M. Young, four parcels on Poplar Road, Erie, $1,427,342.

Judy K. Truedson Trust to Cody G. McDuffy and Aubrey L. Metzler, 2208 Fourth Ave., Sterling, $219,500.

Allen D. and Barbara Bush Trust to Trenton S. White and Rebecca A. Dykema, 13665 Garden Plain Road, Morrison, $140,000.


Steven M. and Dierdre E. Mackay to David M. Heitman Trust, 2239 Riverview Road, Rock Falls, $675,000.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

Gene R. Kempson to Kyle McBride, 605 N. Third St., Ashton, $60,000.

Desiree A. Smith and Darren M. and Lee Ann Todaro to Desiree A. Smith, 3189 Hayes Road, Rochelle, $0.

Kevin Lee and Kathryn Sue Chesley to Jerome P. Hochstatter Trust, Nancy Hochstatter, trustee, 800 W. Virginia St., Sublette, $192,725.

Kevin T. and Joann K. Smetters to Jon Vanfleet, 709 S. Galena Ave., Dixon, $182,000.

Richard L. Harris to Z Best Enterprises Inc., 215 E. Bluff St., Amboy, $12,500.

Hawk Auto Wash and Storage LLC to Lauer Properties and Investments LLC, 225 E. Lincoln Highway, Franklin Grove, $140,000.

Richard Artz and Jerry H. Gleason to Mark P. and Laura L. Norwood, block 20, lots 82-83, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $35,000.

Steven Paul Derrick to Reinaldo Oquendo, block 29, lot 307, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $14,500.

Wanda L. Gonzalez, also Ruiz, to Alex and Christina L. Pena, block 21, lot 25, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $20,000.

Rafael Diaz to Nancy M. Joyce, block 9, lot 145, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $25,000.

Yvette and Robert Hernandez, also Roberto, to Carmen L. Castro, block 29, lot 129, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $26,000.

Bartlomiej Drabik to Alexavier D. and Jesenia Egipciaco, block 15, lot 168, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $30,000.

Jeffrey A. and Rita M. Schleuning to Elizabet Gonzalez and Rosa Alida Vargas Marrero, block 29, lot 23, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $30,000.

Debra R. Rodriguez-Torralba to Ray P. and Denise L. O’Donnell, block 28, lot 7, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $16,500.

Ruben Oliveras to Fortunato and Daisy Brown, block 29, lot 43, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $23,000.

Julia Stavola to Veronica Alcantar Rivera, block 5, lot 16, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $19,000.

Fidel Sanchez to Claudio Rojas, block 9, lot 194, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $13,000.

Patrick C. and Paulette F. Ruckoldt to Michael S. Rodriguez, block 17, lot 112, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $30,000.

Rosa Hernandez to Julio Neri, block 9, lot 9, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $24,000.

Roseann E. and Anthony V. Piemonte to Angela English and Jordyn Bailey, block 26, lot 57, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $17,000.

Carlos and Dora Andrade to Jacob J. and Laura Ann Czerwinski, block 1, lot 39, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $15,000.

Janet M. Metz to Robert Janecek, 1209 W. Second St., Dixon, $30,000.

Jamie A. Haines to Susan J. and Harold J. Cox Jr., 3392 Mittan Road, Paw Paw, $80,400.

Jordan Isaacs to Zachery and Veronica Miles, 302 Alan St., Ashton, $180,000.

Robert W. and Kristina L. Ramsdell to Beata Skrzypa, 1148 S. Eldena Road, Eldena and one parcel of farmland in South Dixon Township, $240,000.

Tammi L. Morthland to Hector Javier Sanchez and Guadalupe Amezquita Velasco, 1005 Ogletree Terrace, Dixon, $180,000.

Norman Reinford to Chelsea R. Eden, 2089 Blackhawk Lane, Dixon, $147,000.

Mark Oprian and Hollie K. Schultz-Oprian to South Valley Properties LLC, 732-734 N. Galena Ave., $350,000.

Nancy A. Reglin to William R. and Deborah J. Crowson, 1017 Idlewild Drive, Dixon, $160,000.

Bradley A., Ashley M. and Myles Dunlap II to Donald J. Natoshia C. Smith, 304 N. Jefferson Ave., Amboy, $185,000.

Tina M. and Robert C. Gould Jr. to Richard Harris, one parcel in Amboy Township, $15,000.

Quit claim deeds

Meyer Trust 101, Gordon A. Meyer, trustee, to Don E. and Paula S. Meyer Trust, one parcel of farmland in Marion Township, $12,000.

Thomas Helmer to Amos L. and Debra Rogers, block 138, lot 27 and block 27, lot 138, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Matthew D. Stephenitch to Nicholas B. Wilson, one parcel in Sublette Township, $1,000.

Aida Watson to Julia Stavola, block 5, lot 16, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Trustees deeds

David M. Baker DBMZ Trust No. 201, David M. Baker, trustee, to Brian W. and Phyllis G. Kulka, block 5, lot 408, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $55,000.

Arthur R. and Beverly J. Espe Trust, Arthur R. and Beverly J. Espe, trustees, to Alfonso Castillo-Uribe, 1311 Steward Road and one farmland parcel in Willow Creek Township, $420,000.

Executors deed

Doris L. Pitchford, Jeanne I. Thomas, independent executor, to Dixon Habitat for Humanity Inc., 1803 W. Ninth St., Dixon, $6,000.

Deed in trust

Earl J. Nauman, David J. and Danny J. Nauman, co-executors, to Roy D. and Susan L. Welch, 1003 state Route 52, Amboy, $983,634.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

Askvig Boys Construction LLC to William and Jenna Wallace, 1413 Brookside Drive, Rochelle, $295,000.

Justin and Lindsay Moorehead to Joshua A. and Ryan R. Williams, 5299 Harlan Drive, Rochelle, $135,500.

John A. Dickson to Tyler J. Hagemann, 305 N. Mix St., Oregon, $108,000.

Jamie W. and Amber Herring to Caitlan Marie Berogan and Jacob Stanley, 405 N. Second St., Chana, $172,000.

Erskine Sturges to Donna and Jennifer Luarca, 608 N. 12th St., Rochelle, $167,000.

Dean E. and Joyce Fruit to Sherry L. Murphy, 315 N. 14th St., Rochelle, $62,000.

Katlyn and Sawyer Hagen to Jose Ramiro Sarabia, 16991 W. Stewart Road, Polo, $179,000.

Tina M. La Born to Yelena Savchenko, 413 Hillcrest Ave., Rochelle, $133,000.

Rodney Cummins to Timothy and Jennifer Niedermeier, 7419 N. Junction Road, Davis Junction, $400,000.

Terry L. and Lana L. Phalen to James G. and Rebecca A. Gjondla, 521 Heritage Drive, Stillman Valley, $300,000.

Bryan and Alice P. Starkey to Megan Holt and David St. Clair, 3000 N. Mud Creek, Mt. Morris, $198,000.

Quit claim deeds

Pamela Bruce, also Woods, to Larry Bruce, 7741 E. McGregor Road, Byron, $0.

The late Larry E. Boes and Deborah L. Grimes to Deborah L. Grimes, 5977 N. Cl Myers Drive, Byron, $0.

Christine A. Casinger to Zachary D. Huff, 112 Prairie Moon Drive, Davis Junction, $0.

Joyce M. Bruns to Richard and Cheryl Ann Heissler, one parcel in Oregon-Nashua Township, $5,000.

Trustees deed

Randell L. and Verna M. Woessner Trust, Randell L. and Verna M. Woessner, trustees, to Shane D. and Kimberly S. Gipe, 17256 W. state Route 72, Forreston, $310,000.

Executors deed

Estate of Melvin D. Gobin, the late Melvin D. Gobin by personals reps, to Melinda Colbert and Isaac Charbonneau, 748 E. Egan Road, Byron, $235,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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