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In a Dixon cul-de-sac, ‘Garbage Party’ has forged a community

The table in Don Trent's garage is laid out with savory and sweet snacks. But the real draw is the coming together of the community. Of the 31 residents in the cul-de-sac, they regularly bring in 27-28 revelers.

DIXON — It all started with an invitation by resident Paul Berrettini to his neighbors to share in some beer and chips after taking out the trash to the curb for the weekly pickup.

That spur-of-the-moment reaching out more than 15 years back has since blossomed into a regular “Garbage Party” that has forged tight ties in this community.

Presently, about 30 people live at this end of the street. Attendance at the Garbage Party is nearly always close to that.

Neighbors in the Autumnwood Lane cul-de-sac off North Brinton Avenue now meet biweekly during the fair weather months. Residents take turns hosting.

It’s a full-blown potluck, now. Pull up a lawn chair and swap stories. What are the grandkids doing? Have you heard the latest? We had a wonderful, trip, thank you.

It is the perfect template for building a community.

Alex Paschal

Alex T. Paschal –

Photojournalist for Sauk Valley Media