Joliet Township High School Foundation to host online auction Thursday through Monday

Proceeds benefit JTHS students, faculty, and staff

Joliet — The Joliet Township High School Foundation will stage an online auction as a “post-golf outing addition” to its Wadsworth Golf Outing on Thursday, the foundation said.

The auction will run Thursday through Monday and feature nearly 100 items. These include household items, foundation items from past outings, oil paintings from JTHS alumna Charles Carman Pierce, personalized music from JTHS alumna Jermaine Stegall, sporting equipment and sports memorabilia, a golf towel from Scotland from school alumna and actor Patrick Mulvey and vacation packages.

“What we’re trying to do is have more fun, increase the money earned at the golf outing and open it up to the general public, not just the people coming to the golf outing,” Mark Turk, foundation president, said.

Even better, people can share the auction on social media and participate from anywhere - even overseas,” Turk said.

The online auction will be held in conjunction with Dixon Golf Company’s Charity Auction arm and is free to enter. Visit yourcharityauction.com/JTHS.

The foundation’s mission is to “support students, faculty, and staff in enhancing teaching, learning, and community service opportunities,” the foundation’s website said.

Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded more $300,000 in grants to students, faculty and staff and more than $500,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors, its website said.

COVID hasn’t affected the foundation’s mission, Turk said in a 2021 story. But it did affect the foundation’s ability to “complete its mission,” Turk had said.

“The foundation can definitely use the money,” Turk said on Tuesday.

Individual and businesses set up their schedules and budgets to accommodate the foundation’s fundraisers, which were canceled in 2020, Turk said in the 2021 story. But when events are canceled, a break occurs in the relationships between the foundation and supporters that becomes challenging to repair.

“It’s almost like starting all over again when you start it again,” Turk said in 2021. “If you take a wire and rub on the coating too much, it can wear through and then you have to replace the wire. It’s the same way with fundraisers.”

The online auction is another way to the community to help the foundation help JTHS students, the website said.

For more information on the foundation, visit jthsfoundation.org.