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Letter: A double standard for classified documents?

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In May of 1985, John Anthony Walker, a retired Navy warrant officer, was arrested for espionage against the United States government. He received a life sentence and died in a federal prison in 2014. His son, Michael Walker (whom John Walker recruited), was arrested while serving on an aircraft carrier when federal agents found a footlocker full of copied classified documents. He was taken off of his ship under guard to avoid getting beaten by sailors and Marines. Walker served 25 years and was paroled in 2010.

So, let me see if I understand this: There is one person who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for retaining copies of classified documents.

But there are people who say there should be no repercussions for another individual, who is no longer associated with the federal government, for retaining the actual classified documents, some of which are of the highest classification, in the desks of his private office where he entertained guests. Please explain the rationale behind that belief.

Antoinette Vella