Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed July 7-14

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

Lorena Sue Cross to Steven Diaz, 402 Meadow Lane, Sterling, $147,900.

Jeffrey and Cristin Newton to Cynthia Clarkson Living Trust, 1617 Milnes Drive, Fulton, $150,000.

Joshua J. and Rhonda L. Wade to Jake R. and Larissa B. Francis, one parcel on Wayne Road, Morrison, $70,000.

Brian D. Tarbill to BJE Future LLC, 1605 Seventh Ave., Rock Falls, $60,000.

Karl M. and Ashley Schueler to Justin Rodriguez, 1908 20th Ave., Sterling, $200,000.

Douglas M. Buhler to Francisco Morales Pinedo and Tomasa Soto De Morales, 705 E. Humphrey St., Rock Falls, $125,000.

Nathanial T. and Jessica L. Macklin to Karl and Ashley Schueler, 3109 E. 19th St., Sterling, $320,000.

Robert Phillips to Roger P. Nelson, Brittany A. King and Billie Nelson, 502 18th Ave., Fulton, $90,000.

Michael J. and Penny L. Ohrt to Michelle E. and Jose Armelo A. Agudelo, one parcel on North Ninth Avenue, Albany, $18,250.

Fund 601 LLC, formerly Sullivan’s Properties, to Midwest Real Estate Holdings, 414 E. Lincolnway Road (Family Dollar), Morrison, $532,556.

Fund 601 LLC, formerly Sullivan’s Properties, to Super Market Developers Inc., 300 N. Madison St. (Sullivan’s Foods), Morrison, $2,514,123.

Nikolai A. and Kari A. Fiorini to Kristine Selep, 502 Seventh Ave., Rock Falls, $114,900.

Anthony E. and Heather J. Appel to Nicole A. Harbron, 1009 Hilltop Drive, Morrison, $195,000.

Robert and Susan McGinn to Nikolas S. Trujillo and Priscilla A. Aponte, 412 W. 12th St., Sterling, $159,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Rachel McCann, 404 N. Main St., Coleta, $59,900.

Jacob and Kelly Bramm to Brittney Ramos, 3901 19th Ave., Sterling, $299,000.

James L. Cox to Jesus Castillo, 1409 Ave. I, Sterling, $63,000.

Jerry and Arlene Wilson to Adnan Akiti, 806 Ave A, Rock Falls, $62,500.

Jerrod Reynolds and Kari Anderson to Allen P. and Jessica Wade, 504 Wiker Drive, Rock Falls, $142,000.

Robert S. Tower to Richard T. and Angela K. Lance, 2 Holly Road, Sterling, $117,250.

Shawn P. and Becky J. Hunter to Joseph and Edith Edeus, 1203 E. 16th St., Sterling, $35,000.

Michael L. and Debra L. Sigel to Dale and Rhonda Tompkins, 210 S. Lincoln St., Tampico, $150,000.

Mauro and Alice Marruffo to Emily Crow, 1506 Ave. K, Sterling, $93,000.

Kirk D. Folks to Michael A. and Nancy J. Myers, 4002 W. Lincolnway, Sterling, $106,000.

Justin C. Rodriguez to Richard Rajnowski, 1704 18th Ave., Sterling, $97,500.

Laura L. and Edward D. Hoyle Jr. to Katie A. Wetzell, 9910 Win Road, Rock Falls, $199,000.

Rex Given Jr. to Todd Zuidema and Kim Given, 4000 Regan Road, Rock Falls, $12,000.

Rick O. and Sherry J. Long to Arthur J. Sims, 18510 Sand Road, Fulton, $370,000.

Steven L. and Pamela S. Workman to 406 Circle LLC, 405 Circle Drive, Rock Falls, $%72,750.

Tyler J. and Mallory B. Maloy to Francisco J. Cardenas Mendoza and Nila G. Cardenas, 803 Marty Ave., Rock Falls, $165,000.

Rutilia Ortega Estate to Ricardo I. Moreno Ortega, 517 Griswold Ave., Sterling, $51,500.

Jordan L. Johnson to Danielle D. Fink, 1515 Fourth Ave., Sterling, $85,770.

NRHQ LLC to Eric and Stephanie Neas, 503 Portland Ave., Morrison, $$40,850.

Quit claim deeds

Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to NRHQ LLC, 503 Portland Ave., Morrison, $0.

Grant W. Slater to Morgan L. Stuhlman, 720 19th Ave., Fulton, $0.

Joel A. and Lora A. Copley to 828 11th Ave. LLC, 828 11th Ave., Fulton, $0.

Rock Falls Industrial Development Commission to Rotary Airlock LLC, 1701 Industrial Park Road, Rock Falls, $23,570.

Rock Falls Industrial Development Commission to Firehouse of God Ministries, 403 W. Second St. (Firehouse Museum), Rock Falls, $0.

William J. and Diane Camps to Kyle W. Sanders, 605 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Trust deed

Danielle D. Fink to Thomas A. and Loretta K. Densmore, Thomas A. Densmore, trustee, 1515 Fourth Ave., Sterling, $98,000.

Executors deed

Brian E. Haenni Estate to David A. and Tracy A. Northcutt, 1311 12th Ave., Sterling, $65,000.


Whiteside County sheriff and Rhonda Johnson to Rock River Housing Trust, 412 E. Fifth St., Rock Falls, $50,000.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

Eugene and Judith Hertelendy to Mendie and Rosalie Vakili, block 5, lots 319-320, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Christy Lynn Andrews to Yvita Bustos and Yvette C. Zavala, block 7, lot 125, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $60,000.

Christopher C. and Megan T. Humann to Raul R. Arias-Alvarez and Karla Y. Beltran-Rodriguez, block 10, lots 153-154, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $64,500.

Stephen and Rebecca Smith to Matthew K. and Brianna D. Meadows, block 15, lot 131, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $20,000.

Grant and Carolyn Brown to Alex and Crystal Dodson, 802 N. First St., Ashton, $175,000.

Jerry D. Mehrens Jr. to Mark and Julie Glenn, 501 S. Peoria Ave., Dixon, $160,000.

Thomas J. and Lisa E. Fitzsimmons to Diane M. Carlson, 1405 Ann Ave., Dixon, $182,000.

Trustees deed

Land Trust No. 855svlt013, Sauk Valley Bank and Trust, trustee, to Carol W. Nelson, 1028 Eustace Drive, Dixon, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

Cole Davidson to Monika M., Barbara A., Leonard H. Jr. and Leonard H. Huhn III, 312 N. High St., Chana, $207,500.

Joseph L. and Amber Beatty to Katelyn Guilfoyle, 813 N. Fieldcrest Drive, Byron, $157,500.

Lori K. and Donald R. Hensley Jr. to Richard Seals Living Trust, Richard Seals, trustee, 7980 S. Pine St., Grand Detour, $120,000.

Arthur J. Brazes to Brent Jacobson, 106 N. Galena St., Lindenwood, $65,000.

Koby G. and Cynthia E. Stern to Brian K. and Lori S. Smith, 782 W. Chinquapin Drive, Oregon, $316,000.

Shawn R. and Diana M. Early to Jeffrey G. and Anne M. Hiveley, 8481 N. Winnebago Lane, Byron, $353,000.

Richard J. and Amber K. Andreen to Raymond and Ashley Baert, 549 N. Colfax St., Byron, $260,000.

Peter J. and Mary A. Verdun to Adam and Jenny Graw, 170 S. Fox Run Lane, Byron, $293,720.

Trent D. Wallace to Jennifer A. Grobe, 302 S. Barber Ave., Polo, $144,000.

Jake and Kristin Charleston to Aaron R. Roe, 505 E. King St., Polo, $147,000.

Aaron R. and Caroline A. Roe to Carol Saroya, 3177 E. Ridgewood Court, Oregon, $380,000.

Mark A. and Anthina M. Nehrkorn to Dylan Cheek, 111 N. Nohe Ave., Oregon, $77,000.

Travis and Michelle Walker to Robin L. Mattison, one parcel in Scott Township, $210,000.

Nathanial Simonson to Galen and Denise Bennett, one parcel in Byron Township, $1.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to John M. and Nancy A. Pasakarnis, 505 W. Hitt St., Mt. Morris, $55,000.

Thomas and Elaine Carow to Enrique F. Schaefer, 1000 Illinois St., Davis Junction, $297,000.

Fund 601 LLC to Super Market Developers Inc., 101 W. state Route 64 (Sullivan’s Foods) and three parcels on East Front Street, Mt. Morris, $1,869,200.

Fund 601 LLC to Midwest Real Estate Holdings, also MREH LLC, seven parcels in Dement Township, $6.8 million.

Quit claim deeds

Evan K. Buskohl to Estivant Farm LLC, 6850 W. Town Line Road, Leaf River, $0.

Lyle I. and Marcia A. Printz to Pamela A. Merry, also Kelly, 14837 W. Henry Road, Polo, $0.

Lyle I. and Marcia A. Printz to Kimberly A. Printz Trust and Pamela A. Merry Living Trust, Pamela A. Merry, also Kelly, trustee, 14837 W. Henry Road, Polo, $0.

Executors deed

Estate of Douglas E. Strawser, the late Douglas E. Strawser by executor, to Kathryn Hoffman, three parcels in Grand Detour Township, $0.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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