Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed June 23-30

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

Doris E. Nutt to Lennie R. and Jill E. Six, 902 E. First St., Lyndon, $0.

Dustin R. and Tirzah T. Renkes to Dyed and Gone to Heaven LLC, 343 Washington St., Prophetstown, $50,750.

Michael M. Mekeel to Joshua D. Frieberg and Maci E. Denning, 5407 South St., Galt, $210,000.

Charles Lee and Patricia Ann Murray to Keith E. Crady, 406 W. Third Ave., Lyndon, $5,000.

3 Nails Invested LLC to Kristaps Kokis, 1005 W. Second St., Rock Falls, $140,000.

Richard F. Mejia Estate to Jonathan and Mary Laclair, 12892 Lawrence Road, Sterling, $220,000.

Harkness Properties to Nickolaus W. and Antori L. Dirks, two parcels on Grandview Drive, Sterling, $65,000.

Quit claim deeds

Troy Michael Hernandez to TCS Total Property Management, 1405 W. Fourth St., 1404 W. Fourth St., and 1311 Fisher St., Sterling, $0.

Troy Michael Hernandez to TCS Total Property Management, 603 Sixth Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Keith A. Crady to Gary L. Sutton, 406 W. Third Ave., Lyndon, $5,000.

Jesus M. Lopez to Sandra O. Salazar, also Salazar Perez, 1110 Ave. J, Sterling, $0.

Trustees deed

Norman and Jo Anne Stresemann Trust to James D. Sanders and Michelle Elmendorf, 30784 Holly Road, Sterling, $250,000.

Executors deeds

Lois M. Helms Estate to Michael Cutter, 810 Ave A, Rock Falls, $27,600.

Gregory D. Schuller Estate to Penni L. Seidel, 1400 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $59,900.


Allen F. Boseneiler Estate to Michael Cutter, 810 Ave A, Rock Falls, $27,600.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

Cameron C. and Ciara L. Magne to Elisa Aguirre and Juan C. Ibarra, 750 Forest Park, Dixon, $260,000.

Alan E. Delhotal to Mary P. and Robert M. Bowser, one parcel in Dixon Township, $30,000.

Amber and Gordon Beckwith and Laurie Tyson to Daniel R. Muir, block 17, lots 67-68, Woodhaven Lakes Sublette, $30,000.

Irma and Luis Melendez to Dennis R. and Linda S. Votaw, block 24, lot 239, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $38,000.

Melanie Pardes to Calix Saul Laboy Feliciano, block 27, lot 107, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $15,000.

David A. and Kimberly C. Cole to James Serrano, block 16, lot 147, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $19,000.

Helen P. and Michael J. Moran to Jenny C. and Marc D. Williams, block 11, lot 220, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $25,000.

Andrew Vokt and Emily Ziemba to Freddy R. Brenes Bernudez, block 21, lot 176, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $40,000.

Kathleen M. and Robert J. Bussen to Cynthia M. Moriarty, block 16, lots 9-10, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $70,000.

Mary Smith to Julie A. Milby, 92 Logan Ave., Dixon, $50,000.

Daniel J. and Kimberley Cleary to Kristi Mueller, 218 N. Brinton Ave., Dixon, $285,000.

Lynn M. Asp Living Trust No 020107, Laura Coblentz and Teresa Baker, co-trustees, to Matthew Reynolds and Annie Etchison, 303 S. Walnut St., Franklin Grove, $169,000.

Bobbie Jo Foster to William Clark, 908 Woodlawn St., Dixon, $130,000.

William Marshall and Thomas Eugene Foster III to Ralph Edwardo and Amanda Chavez, 608 Garden Walk, Dixon, $0.

Gary Harden to Tricia E. Hirte and Edward Harden, 456 Walker Road, Dixon, $0.

Steve Hampton Builders Inc. to G. Bruce Hampton, 1452 Phyllis Drive, Dixon, $5,800.

Melissa M. Keller-Smith to Tamara Snyder and Shawn Sharpfish, 722 College Ave., Dixon, $83,000.

Jason and John Cunniff to Breanna L. and Lane C. Rissman, 3322 Chicago Road, Paw Paw, $375,000.

Daniel A. and Katherine Sigwards to Blair M. McCaffrey, 310 E. Joe Drive, Amboy, $243,000.

Trustees deeds

Edgar W. and Ruby J. Wagner Family Trust, Michael L. and Douglas J. Wagner, co-trustees, to Robert Turner, 803 Fourth Ave., Dixon, $139,000.

Fernandez Family Trust, James P. Fernandez, co-trustee, to Jennifer Janet and Richard Paul Karczewski, block 16, lot 17, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $23,000.

Gerald L. Seiden Revocable Trust, Gerald L. and Jean L. Seiden, trustees, to Calvin Thomas Connors, block 26, lot 6, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $40,000.

Todd S. and Christine V. Moffett Trust No. 1, Todd S. and Christine V. Moffett, trustees, to Gil M. and Anna M. Oliveira Revocable Trust, Gil M. and Anna M. Oliveira, trustees, block 21, lot 86, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $75,000.

Executors deeds

Bernard E. Keen, Edward Keen, independent executor, to Kelly Borchelt and Edward C. Stewart, 16 Oak St., Amboy, $154,900.

Michael G. Nieman, Susan M. Price, executor, to Alice C. Williams, 1117 Tee St., Dixon, $150,000.


Delbert H. Schafer to DS Land Trust, First National Bank in Amboy, trustee, two parcels of farmland in Franklin Grove Township, $1 million.

Metamora Telephone Co. to Michael Robert and Rachel Leigh Breitzka, one parcel in Palmyra Township, $1,000.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

Mahon Family Trust, Dorothy Mahon, trustee, to Orin J. Snodgrass, 1016 N. Crestview Trail, Byron, $133,000.

Javier R. and Carol E. Salinas to Tyler J. Reyes, 412 S. Kaye Lane, Creston, $232,000.

Joseph E. Gargano to Javier R. and Carol E. Salinas, 10071 E. Branch Road, Rochelle, $263,500.

Jacob G. Becker to Richard A. Reeves III and Jennifer M. Schneider, one parcel in Flagg Township, $207,500.

Gina R. Liston to Gary J. and Gail F. Piggott, 503 Mill Ridge Drive, Byron, $153,500.

Haywell LLC Westwood to Ryne M. and Alison M. Vrana, 10650 E. Diane Lane, Rochelle, $365,900.

Brock and Jacqueline Duke to Tony Buys Homes LLC, 3068 E. Everett Lane, Byron, $167,000.

Jason A. King to James D. and Cheryl A. Paasch, three parcels in Byron Township, $350,640.

Luke C. and Sandra Burtman to Michael A. Ashworth and Morgan V. Murray, 148 Prairie Moon Drive, Davis Junction, $195,000.

Putnam Group LLC to Matthew Williams and Madeline Seiler, 302 Northknoll Drive, Rochelle, $201,450.

Ryne M. and Alison M. Vrana, also Mercer-Curtis, to Robert and Lisa Nelson, 212 Drake Ave., Rochelle, $254,000.

Pitamber and Sharda Persaud to Daniel Carmichael, 1232 Stoneridge Terrace, Rochelle, $292,000.

Linda A. Swanson to Zachary J. and Alaina F. Grobe, one parcel in Rockvale Township, $17,000.

Jason and Jessica Skinner to Barry and Saundra Skinner, 114 River Road, Oregon, $66,000.

Michael Ashworth and Morgan Murray to Anastasia Motta, 305 N. Blackhawk Drive, Byron, $161,000.

Frank R. and Carol M. Durkin to Tyler and Danielle Vankirk, 406 Mississippi Drive, Dixon, $4,500.

Kenneth Adcock to Antonio Zamora, 306 Platte Drive, Dixon, $2,500.

Kay E. Gittleson to Travis and Michelle Walker, 5598 E. Holcomb Road, Stillman Valley, $325,000.

Barry B. and Saundra L. Skinner to Terrence M. Van Arkel, 901 N. Devils Lane, Byron, $255,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Fare Soldi LLC, 117 N. Main St., Creston, $99,830.

Tonja Mennen to Stanley Eneogwe, 411 N. Sixth St., Oregon, $79,998.

Kishwaukee Community Hospital to Rochelle Crossings LLC, 450 E. Coronado Drive, Rochelle, $300,000.

Joseph M. Petrusa Jr. to Paul D. Holden, 4247 W. Mud Creek Road, Mt. Morris, $120,000.

Paul D. Holden to Kurtis L. Smith, 112 S. First St., Kings, $55,000.

Viola K. Burpo to Don and Lori A. Smith, 238 E. Blackhawk Drive, Byron, $132,500.

Quit claim deeds

Tracy and Summer Roots to Jeffrey J. Viviano, 409 St. Francis Drive, Dixon, $0.

Thomas J. Voss to Scott C. Ludwig, one parcel in Grand Detour Township, $0.

German Fonseca to Blacktower Group LLC Protected Series 1, 101 S. Fifth Ave., Forreston, $0.

Trustees deed

Kevin L. Whaley Land Trust 2017, Kevin L. Whaley, trustee, to Elizabeth and Austin Robert Malicote, 7821 N. Mulford Road, Davis Junction, $320,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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