Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed March 3-10

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

Kevin and Jana Oppendike, Karen Holder and Neil Oppendike Estate to Brooks Soleta, one parcel on Dairy Lane, Prophetstown, $9,500.

Gladys Parcus and Lee Pederson to Stephanie M. Brady, 604 W. 19th St., Rock Falls, $99,000.

Ryan and Paige Gibson to Samuel Jones, 112 Birch St., Prophetstown, $124,900.

Matthew and Sarah Ballard to Ryan E. and Paige M. Gibson, 601 W. Commercial St., Lyndon, $170,000.

Sophroana L. Chambers to Kelli Slonneger, 504 E. Third St., Rock Falls, $78,500.

EMH Holdings LLC to C & B House Rentals LLC, 1509 E. 25th St., Sterling, $215,000.

Cindy L. Olson to Gary D. Stringer, 1608 Fifth Ave., Rock Falls, $59,900.

Christopher R. Dravis and Ross D. Thuente to Brian Barton, 30849 E. Thome Road, Rock Falls, $175,000.

Peter J. Harkness to JL Acres LLC, 31382 Holly Road, Sterling, $235,000.

Emily N. Green to Properties 815 LLC, 506 12th Ave., Sterling, $50,000.

Ruth L. Letcher to Debra A. Gramer, Dawn M. Petersen and Wesley A. Letcher, 1220 First Ave., Fulton, $0.

Brandy E. Darby to Andrew Miller Trucking LLC, one parcel on Scott Street, Coleta, $16,000.

U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Raymond Rentals LLC, 509 E. Main St., Morrison, $20,110.

Darren L. and Leslie L. Miller to Terry D. Shroyer, 1108 First Ave., Sterling, $114,000.

Barry W. Bailey to Corwell Properties LLC, 609 W. 10th St., Sterling, $45,000.

David L. Pape to Monica C. Fernandez, 408 S. Base St., Morrison, $85,000.

Shane, Benjamin G., Brigham K. and Kevin Bielema, Alan Bielema Estate and Sheila Vehuizen to Tanner L. Venhuizen, 105 N. Bluff St., Albany, $60,000.

Terrence M. and Jessica J. Campbell to John and Darlene B. Martoccia, 1314 E. 15th St., Sterling, $95,000.

Mike Brokaw to Taylor V. and Sydney J. Manon, 204 Baker St., Fulton, $207,500.

Thomas D. and Pamela R. Bitler to Pamela L. Piersol and Julie C. Rowland, one parcel in Albany Township, $0.

Marguerite E. Johnson to Marly M. Siperly, 402 E. Ninth St., Rock Falls, $87,000.

Josh A. and Ashley Dahlquist to Danielle R. Carrillo, 1801 Ave L, Sterling, $94,900.

Eloisa Brito to Tyler J. Rivera, 806 W. Ninth St., Sterling, $78,000.

Dawn M. and Tommy J. Nielsen to Jaden M. Nielsen, 901 W. 19th St., Sterling, $58,000.

Kathern M. Dobbins to Edna W. and Leon M. Miller, 10531 Spring Valley Road, Fulton, $480,000.

JL Acres LLC to Jacob Lawrence and Leah Rose Landis, 17808 Freeport Road, Sterling, $196,000.

Randolph J. Potter to Hector L. and Gabriel Gerena and Laura Osorio, 634 E. Lincolnway, Morrison, $219,900.

Edith E. Massey to John R. and Diane Okland, 208 W. Knox St., Morrison, $138,000.

Home Cash Offer Pros LLLC to Double Diamond Investments LLC, 2106 Sixth St., Fulton, $16,500.

Hermes Family Farms LLC to state of Illinois, one parcel on state Route 40 and Science Ridge Road, Sterling, $4,400.

Judy C. Powell to Delfina Dathene Lopez, 302 16th Ave., Sterling, $0.

Anthony G. Layne to Andeco LLC, 210 15th Ave., Fulton, $0.

Quit claim deeds

City of Rock Falls Industrial Development Commission to Ana C. Guerrero, 215 Ave C, Rock Falls, $0.

City of Rock Falls Industrial Development Commission to Charles D. Josephsen Living Trust 708, 213 Stanley Court, Rock Falls, $0.

Trustees deeds

Robert L. and Gretchen L. Dickherber Trust to Cole D. Kieli Brinkmeier, 1007 N. Bluff St., Albany, $132,000.

Ned S. and Colleen R. Palmer Trust to Daniel and Emily Riewerts, one parcel on Sand Road, Erie, 585,000.

Executors deed

Bess M. Anselmo Estate to Kerina Elizabeth and Mark Kevin Anselmo Trust, two parcels in Sterling Township, $25,000.


Whiteside County sheriff and Judy A. Oudekerk to Colonial Savings, 501 W. Main St., Morrison, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

Dustin and Kassandra S. Fuhrer to Payden Allen, 1107 N. Second St., Ashton, $152,000.

Curtis A. Albus to Ronald J. Glaze, 301 Butler St., Nelson, $64,900.

Johnathan L. Veenstra to Petra and Juan Hernandez, 2062 Sink Hollow Road, Dixon, $400,000.

Mark G. and Renee A. Kaleel to Eric T. McLaughlin, 339 W. Division St., Amboy, $40,000.

Patricia Ashfield to Gregory A. and Jane A. Goett, block 14, lots 5-6, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $30,700.

Hill Farm 1168 and Steve J. and Bruce H. Hill to Sandra L. Loescher, 1168 state Route 38, Dixon, $0.

Kelly Ann McEniry to Hueber Ashton LLC, one parcel in Ashton Township, $54,528.

Christopher C. and Tiffany M. Osenberg to Alexus Marie Lozada and Christopher D. Straub, 910 Walnut Ave., Dixon, $95,000.

Dale D. and Shirley Barlow to Tammy M. Bianchi, 223 N. Jones Ave., Amboy, $137,000.

David R. Dossett to Alan Toomsen, 916 W. First St., Dixon, $0.

Robert C. Colwell and David J. Didier to James D. Hart, one parcel in Bradford Township and two in Lee Center Township, $0.

James D. Hart to Robert C. Colwell and David J. Didier, two parcels in Franklin Grove Township, $222,398.

White Oaks Estate Inc. to Kathy J. and Richard W. Hann Trust Agreement, Kathy J. Hann, trustee, one parcel in Dixon Township, $11,600.

Suzanne Enlow to Michele L. Atkinson, 121 E. South St., Franklin Grove, $49,000.

German Evangelical Lutheran St. John’s Congregation of Ashton and St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church to James and Vicki Meilicke, 905 Paddock Ave., Ashton, $0.

Steven Rendleman to Jessica R. Witherspoon, 807 N. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, $95,000.

Edward D. Keen to Branden and Anna Muench, 204 E. Everett St., Dixon, $171,000.

Sarah Collins, also Beckingham, to Amy James, 613 Cushing St., Dixon, $109,000.

James M. and Cheryl S. Smith to Emily M. Warner, 221 W. Everett St., Dixon, $90,500.

Richard and Patricia Skillman to Scott J. Wooley, 1828 Quail Hollow Road, Steward, $48,000.

Quit claim deeds

Angela M. O’Callaghan, Amy J. Reed, Michele A. Cheshier, Danette K. Trupp and Michael A. and Frances M. Kessel to Amy J. and Jeff Reed, one parcel in Amboy Township, $15,000.

Kevin and Jennifer Newell, First State Bank, trustee, to Griffin Newell, one parcel in Brooklyn Township, $0.

Kevin D. and Deborah A. Schultz to Andrew Roemmich Schultz and Britni Leigh Dvorak, 445 LaMoille Road, Sublette, $0.

Trustees deeds

Peter M. and Elizabeth V. Erdman Family Trust, Peter M. Erdmann, trustee, to James D. Hart, two parcels in Franklin Grove Township, $2,452,098.

Richard W. and Kathy J. Hann Trust Agreement, Kathy J. Hann, trustee, to Patrick and Stacy Love, 831 Riverside Drive and one parcel in Dixon Township, $20,000.

Richard W. and Kathy J. Hann Trust Agreement, Kathy J. Hann, trustee, to Darlene and John Godbold, one parcel in Dixon Township, $10,000.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

Justin and Jerald Rosecke to Isabel O. Keegan, 8536 N. River Drive, Byron, $137,000.

Hub Shuttle Inc. to Giovan Garcia Camacho, 1003 Lakeview Drive, Rochelle, $148,900.

Ibrahim and Suad Mustafa to Alojzy and Ewa Czaplinski, 1066 Meadow Lane, Rochelle, $160,000.

Quit claim deeds

Nicole Degraf to Marcia Breeden, one parcel in Pine Rock Township, $5,000.

8 Dunnigan LLC to Jodi Miclow, 301 W. Main St., Mt. Morris, $11,500.

City of Byron to Gregory Myers, one parcel in Byron Township, $1,200.

Charlotte A. Le Clercq to John P. Le Clercq, 5967 E. Skinner Road, Byron, $0.

Trustees deeds

Nidia Schmidt Trust, Nidia Schmidt, trustee, to Mark G. and Cynthia L. Miller, one parcel in Scott Township, $24,000.

Melvin H. and Elaine Fae Haak Revocable Trust, Elaine Fae Haak, trustee, to Illinois Department of Transportation, one parcel in Forreston Township, $14,000.

Sandra L. Koley to Gordon Family Trust 223, Sandra L. Koley, trustee, 902 Clay St., Oregon, $0.

Carol E. Bates Revocable Trust, Carol E. Bates, trustee, to Roe L. and Beverly J. Borchers Declaration Trust, Roe L. and Beverly J. Borchers, trustees, 18427 E. McNeal Road, Davis Junction, $3.5 million.

Executors deed

Estate of the late Shirley Doyle by executor to Larry Doyle and Stephanie Brown, 4885 N. Wendorf Road, Davis Junction, $275,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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