Wheaton to hold public meetings to discuss stormwater utility fees

Wheaton City Hall

The city of Wheaton will host two public meetings to provide information, answer questions and collect feedback from the public about proposed changes to how the city charges stormwater utility fees.

The meetings will take place:

Instead of charging based on how much water a household or business uses plus a flat fee, stormwater utility fees would be charged based on how much impervious area is on a resident’s property. Impervious area is property where water won’t naturally drain into the soil. This includes things such as houses, structures, driveways, walkways, parking lots, patios and swimming pools.

Stormwater utility fees pay for the maintenance and operation of the city’s storm sewer system. Because impervious area directly relates to the amount of stormwater runoff a property generates when it rains, this new way of calculating fees would more accurately reflect the service demands that a property places on the storm sewer system.

To find out more about the proposed stormwater utility fee change, visit the city’s website at wheaton.il.us/stormwaterutility.

The upcoming meetings also will be recorded and shared on the city’s website.

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