Brookfield Zoo unveils photo gallery showcasing Punta San Juan

A photo gallery of 32 stunning images that highlight the remarkable landscapes and wildlife at the Punta San Juan Marine Protected Area in Peru, South America, can be seen on the exterior wall of Brookfield Zoo’s Living Coast habitat.

Brookfield Zoo has announced the installation of a captivating photo gallery on the exterior wall of the Living Coast, featuring 32 images that highlight the landscapes and animals of the Punta San Juan Marine Protected Area in Peru, South America.

These larger-than-life images are a visual testament to the efforts put forth by many international organizations, including Brookfield Zoo, to protect and preserve the delicate ecosystems of Punta San Juan.

Peruvian photographer Bernardo Sambra has captured the beauty and significance of the many marine species found in Punta San Juan, including endangered Humboldt penguins, Peruvian fur seals, South American sea lions and a variety of seabirds and underwater life.

Sambra’s work is now not only showcased on the Living Coast building, but also compiled into a coffee-table book, available for purchase at Brookfield Zoo’s gift shop.

Dr. Michael Adkesson, president and CEO of the Chicago Zoological Society and director of Brookfield Zoo, had the privilege of writing the book’s forward. For over 15 years, Adkesson, who has a background in zoo and wildlife veterinary medicine, has worked with colleagues from around the world to lead programs aimed at evaluating the health of wildlife populations at Punta San Juan. His love for the reserve is evident in the forward, in which he writes, “The reserve is an ecological paradox, an explosion of coastal marine wildlife that takes your breath away, in the middle of the desolate southern Peruvian desert.”

Punta San Juan: a conservation story, a coffee-table book by Peruvian photographer Bernardo Sambra, showcases the incredible conservation story at Punta San Juan, a reserve in Peru, South America. The book is available for purchase at Brookfield Zoo’s gift shops or on its website at

The unveiling of the Punta San Juan photo gallery marks another significant step in Brookfield Zoo’s ongoing commitment to environmental education and conservation. Guests to the zoo will now have the opportunity to witness the beauty of Punta San Juan’s diverse species and landscapes, reinforcing the importance of preserving our planet’s natural wonders for generations to come.

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