Downers Grove Public Library Foundation to oversee Friends of the Friends of Library

Participants run past the Downers Grove Public library during the Grove Express 5k race in downtown Downers Grove on Thursday Nov. 23, 2023.

In a strategic move to enhance fundraising and advocacy efforts, the Downers Grove Public Library Foundation (DGPLF) will oversee the Friends of the Library of Downers Grove, uniting the two formerly independent organizations.

“Uniting the Foundation and Friends of the Library aligns seamlessly with our shared dedication to enhancing the library’s resources beyond taxpayer support,” Brooks Ruyle, DGPLF director, said in a news release.

The foundation envisions a renewed focus on Friends, a group with a 70-year history of supporting the Downers Grove Public Library.

“This alliance with Friends allows us to draw from the legacy it has built over the years and channel our collective efforts toward a more cohesive and impactful support system for the Library,” Ruyle said.

Amanda ReCupido, DGPL Foundation president, emphasized the ongoing importance of community support.

“While we experienced tremendous community backing during our last fundraiser, sustaining critical initiatives outside the library’s operating budget requires continuous support. The partnership with Friends provides a means of staying engaged with library champions, fostering a sense of community around shared values,” said ReCupido.

As part of this collaboration, the foundation encourages DGPL patrons to become Friends with a recurring donation at one of three levels, providing essential funding for extraordinary gifts and sustaining ongoing support for the Library’s social work program. The foundation sets an ambitious goal of achieving over 100 recurring donors in 2024.

For more information about this collaboration and how to become a recurring donor, visit

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