Letter: Larry Kane was a valued member of Joliet community

To the Editor:

The Joliet area lost a very valued member of our community with the recent death of Larry Kane. I had the good fortune to know Larry very well and work with him on countless projects. He was at every important event, whether political, religious, sports or community. He was discreet in his job and worked silently and proficiently. His workmanship was without peer. He also was a crack police photographer, involved in many high-profile cases.

The passing of Mr. Kane has basically closed the chapter in Joliet on the lost art of photography. The internet and iPhone have caused this job to become practically extinct. What would we do without all of the iconic pictures that have been taken over the years to record the memorable events of our town, including so many by Larry? I certainly hope these pictures will be preserved and placed in an area for others to see and cherish.

My apologies and condolences to his family. Thanks, Larry, for a job very well done.

Michael W. Hansen