Letter: Wild conspiracy theories

To the Editor:

The election is over, America has spoken and here come all the conspiracy theories, on both “election fraud” and how America will be “lost under a Biden presidency.”

Have you heard the one that tags President-elect Joe Biden as “China Joe” and how Hillary Clinton is going to end up being president after Biden loses the presidency following a fall down some steps? And apparently the Democrats will nominate and elect Hilary Clinton to take over? (I guess we can forget the Constitution and the law; heck, let’s just toss that legal stuff away and just install Hillary.)

Truthfully, it’s understandable how people fall for this nonsense. These fantasies come directly from the right-wing-scare-media, perpetuated by Trump and Republicans. They are particularly good at it; they are very convincing. The trouble is that the folks who do fall for this trash try to push the fantasy even further by using the opinion section of this paper! These folks must think that by doing so, those of us who have not drunk the Kool-Aid are going to simply roll over and believe the nonsense as well.

Sorry, but your efforts are failing. How do I know? Simple. Look at the number of votes from the 2020 election. Americans overwhelmingly choose to follow “China Joe” over “Liar Trump.” The Trump mistake is finally over, and hopefully soon, the Trump virus will be under control also.

So you like fake theories? How about this one: “JFK was killed by a man on the grassy knoll.” Or this one: “The 2020 election software was developed by Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, who died in 2013? This software automatically flipped millions of votes from Trump to Biden.” OMG! What an absolute joke and an embarrassment.

Ken Yanko