Letter: Time for diversity

To the Editor:

It’s refreshing to see all the various types of people being elected to state and federal offices. Diversity is a good thing, but until recently, we never had much of it.

This country suffers from many social ills, and almost all of them were caused by wealthy, white, heterosexual, conservative, Christian males. You see, they would do everything they could to maintain the status quo no matter whose rights they denied. From politics to religion to the economy, as long as they had power, they had control. And, for a very long time, they were quite successful making sure the have-nots stayed that way. But now they’re getting their comeuppance and they’re not too happy about it.

Native Americans, people of color, those with alternative lifestyles and most especially women are finally having their turn as decision-makers. As a lifelong liberal, it’s exciting and satisfying to know I’m a member of the political party that has helped them achieve enough recognition to finally have their voices heard.

Here’s hoping those of us on the right side of history will solidify our opportunity for positive long-term change by securing two more Senate seats from Georgia in the January runoffs.

Wes Dickson