Prosecutors claim possible gang connection in case linked to Joliet mass shooting

Jon Hansen

Prosecutors alleged a possible gang connection in their case against a Shorewood man charged with two shootings. The reported shootings came on the day of a killing spree in Joliet that led to eight deaths.

Jon Hansen, 24, has been charged with the Jan. 21 first-degree murder of Toyosi Bakare, 28, in Joliet Township, as well as the attempted first-degree murder of Mario Guerrero on the same day within Joliet city limits.

Hansen is expected to appear in court Wednesday for a hearing to determine whether he should stay in jail.

Bakare and Guerrero have no gang involvement, according to prosecutors. However, Hanson has allegedly represented himself as a reputed Milwaukee Kings gang member who was looking to fight the Vice Lords gang on the day of the mass shooting, prosecutors said.

Authorities have said that Romeo Nance, 23, of Joliet was responsible for the two shootings, as well as the fatal shooting of seven members of Nance’s family.

In a petition to deny Hansen’s release from jail, prosecutors alleged Hansen, a friend of Nance, admitted to detectives that he was with Nance “on the day of the shootings.”

“[Hansen] stated that [Nance] told him he killed six people when he picked him up,” prosecutors said.

Hansen allegedly said Nance had asked Bakare “what he was doing and then shot him” and asked Guerrero “if he gangbanged” and then shot him when Guerrero said he didn’t speak English, prosecutors said.

Guerrero allegedly told police that the vehicle involved in the shooting approached him as he was unloading groceries and “asked him something about gangs,” prosecutors said.

After Guerrero told the masked driver and passenger he did not speak English, they left, turned around, came back and “fired shots at him as he was bringing his groceries into his home,” prosecutors said.

Prosecutors allege that Hansen “admitted to holding the gun” used in the Guerrero shooting.

“[Hansen] claimed to not know what Romeo was doing, didn’t know why they drove to the areas they drove to and essentially blamed [Nance] for everything,” prosecutors said.

Text messages obtained from Nance, Hansen and Hansen’s girlfriend led police to determine that Hansen was asking Nance on the day of the mass shooting if he wanted to “spin the lords,” prosecutors allege.

“Content will establish that [Hansen] represents himself as a Milwaukee King gang member who wants to fight Vice Lords,” prosecutors said.

Vice Lords are one of the gangs that have operated in Joliet for decades.

Hansen had allegedly solicited another person to “attack on the Vice Lords” but that request was declined, prosecutors said.

Immediately after the Nance-Esters family is killed, Hansen allegedly tells his girlfriend that Nance is “grabbing him” to go “torch [expletive],” prosecutors said.