Letters: Sauk Valley First Responders - We Thank You!

First Responder Christina Barnhart: Thank you for all you do... Always willing to help others... Missing out on family stuff to help others .. you are a true hero ❤️Renae Higley

First Responder John Booker: Thank you for all that you do, even in the day’s since the horrible accident. You continue to provide and be the best sheriff you can be, and to know that you and your deputies did all you could to save lives, I will forever be grateful. Aaron Sandrock

First Responder Kody Schultz: Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the community! Adre Anna Sommer

First Responder Randy Etheridge: Thank you, Randy, for all you do for the Village of Tampico. For being available at a moments notice to help assist on calls. Your dedication has not gone unnoticed! Tyler Vails

First Responder Dave Lohse: Thank you for being so many people’s hero. I first hand have watched you work and have seen you save so many lives. Your compassion and dedication are beyond amazing. Watching the smiles on kiddos faces during education week to having to have you respond to their home. It Hits differently when you have built a friendship with them. They trust you and listen to extremely important life saving information. We couldn’t be more blessed to have Dave as a leader on our front line. With over 26 years of service to Dixon he has earned the title HERO many many times over. Just his presence alone is calming. Mr. Dave Loshe you will forever be a huge part of our lives. You have left one heck of an impression and indentation in all our lives. Thank you for so many years of service. Your heroic nature shines so bright. Even with retirement approaching Dave Loshe will still be so many people’s Hero. Truly one of a kind, Dixon is beyond blessed to have his service. Mr. Loshe I want to personally thank you for taking my son under your wing. You are his hero! You are his drive and inspiration. One day he hopes to be half of the person you are today. Dave is an angel to so many. I am so proud to not only call you our Hero but an angel on earth. You most definitely have a very special place in so many hearts. Thank you for your dedication and service. Becca Koehler

First Responder Breanna Boelter: Bre. Thank you for all that you do and all the hard work you put in to your dedication to our community. Steve Boelter

First Responder Kathy Leathers: Thank you for being more than just a 1st responder, but a caring, loving, compassionate person who looks after both those in her care and those helping around her. We love you Mama Kath! Brian Oostenryk

First Responder Krisy Dauen: Krisy serves many departments in our community as a paramedic as well as a full time 9-1-1 dispatcher. Her professionalism and compassion are second to none and her patient care is spectacular! The Sauk Valley area is lucky to have her! Brandi Steinberg

First Responder Ryan Buskhol: Thank you for being a great fire chief. Mathew Pace

First Responder Michael DettmanI: would like to nominate Michael dettman for this award. He has served the City of Sterling from 1998 to March of 2024 as a member of the Sterling Fire Department serving as Administrative Captain from 2024 to 2021 and as Fire Chief from 2021 to 2024. He has promoted the Fire profession as an instructor for the IFFI since 2005 and served as district representative for the Illinois Fire Chiefs Service since and MABAS division 30 President. He has given more than 38 years of public service to his fellow citizens and is very deserving of this award. Micki Dettman

First Responder Jason Schneider: He is very good with what he’s doing for a living. Doug Hartman

First Responder Travis Ganther: For being a good and fun cop at the explorer meetings and encouraging us to keep trying to be police officers. Emma Youngquist

First Responder Tampico Volunteer Ambulance & Fire Department Personel: Over the years I have used the Tampico Volunteer Ambulance services. I asked the group once maybe if you got paid more you would have more volunteers. One of the personal told me we are not doing this for the money. I thought this was a wonderful answer. Many years ago my Dad Marion Gaskill, now deceased, was the Fire Chief of the Tampico Fire Department. I am so happy we have these services in Tampico! Thank you, Terry L Gaskill

First Responder Arian A. Landheer: Thank you Arian for the countless hours that you dedicate to the Prophetstown Fire Protection District as the Assistant Chief. Dad and I are so proud of you! ❤️🙏❤️Connie Landheer

First Responder Matt Kobbleman: Thank you for being a great firefighter and a great example! Barry Johnson

First Responder Kody Schultz: Is always a delight when he has been on a call for family members. I’ve needed the resources of an ambulance ride. Makes them comfortable and helps with the transport. Kirsti Russell

First Responder Travis Ganther: Thank you for being one of the best cop/explorer police officer there is. Jacob Tuft

First Responder Kathy Leathers: Thank you, Kathy, for your dedication and hard work in serving the Village of Tampico. Your dedication and skills are making a difference in our community. You are so valuable to us all, and you are highly appreciated! Jennifer Vails

First Responder John VanDyke: Thank you for taking time to become a First Responder to help those in need of any medical Attention. You Just never know when someone will need it. John VanDyke

First Responder Nathan McCoy: Thank you Nate McCoy for being such a dedicated Dixon City Fireman/EMT. You truly love your job and it shows. Your ability to “leave your job at work” is amazing and not an easy task. On top of your work duties you are a wonderful father to three very busy boys, a caring husband and son-in-law. The Dixon community is very fortunate to have you in their corner. Thank you for being you! Roxane Wiseman

First Responder Aaliyah Gaffey: We are so proud of you Aaliyah! You juggle a lot at the young age of 21 from being a full-time engineering student, doing aerospace externships at NASA and Space X while making time to work as an EMT at CGH. We love you and couldn’t be prouder of you!JodieGaffey61081Tara BaumgartnerVery friendly and knowledgeable. Quick to contact appropriate people. Very good at her job. Multi tasking is very important and she is on top of it at all times. Beth Howard

First Responder Kathy Leathers: My mom, Kathy Leathers, has been an EMT for nearly 40 years in the small town of Tampico. She has given so much of her time to our voluntary service that she has had to miss many events over the years, however being there to support her community means so much to her. The gratitude that I have as a daughter and as a member of this community cannot be measured for all of your years of service. I cannot be more proud of you and thank you so much for always being there for everyone in our community. Jessica Spohn

First Responder Kevin Allen CGH Paramedic: Alone in the back of an ambulance taking my mom to Rockford, my mom coded and Kevin was able to revive doing chest compressions with one hand and everything else with the other Thank You!!! Andrew Moore

First Responder Nicholas Simpson: Thank you for always striving to learn more and do more to be able to save more lives and property. Continued education to keep your community safe is essential!! Emily Simpson

First Responder Tara Baumgartner: I want to thank Tara for being the first person someone deals with when they have an emergency. Without you to help calm someone down to get the information that is needed they couldn’t get the help that is needed. So Thank you for your 20+ years of service! Brandy Leopard

First Responder Kevin Allen: Thank you to my husband who is a paramedic in the Sauk Valley area. I know that many shifts are tough and you see things many humans cannot comprehend but I thank you for following your passion and doing what you love. You help others in their worst possible days and come home and are an amazing husband and father. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be doing exactly what you were created to do. It takes special people to do what you do. Love you and always chase your dreams! Melissa Allen

First Responder Chad Miner: Your passion for serving our community and taking care of people in need is inspiring. Marci Miner

First Responder Matt Hey: Matt saved my Husbands life!! Vince Lppolitom

First Responder Dylan Fisher: Dylan will always be my favorite first responder/firefighter/paramedic! As his mom I know about all of the time, dedication and countless hours away from family and functions it takes for this career. Being a first responder is not just a job, it’s a career and lifestyle. First responders don’t just show up for their shift to wait for a call, there are many hours of training that go on so that they are ready for any type of situation. Love you and thank you for what you do!! Mindy Lange

Master Trooper Longenecker: Thank you for your selfless service to community and family blood & blue. Your sacrifices to protect others does not go unnoticed. The hours are long, you work hard, and you extend kindness to everyone you meet. We could not be prouder of you! Heather Longenecker

First Responder Joe Hilliker: I’d like to say a special thank you to Joe Hilliker. Joe has been very involved with the Franklin Grove Fire Department for many years and he has served as a roll model for current and future first responders. He has given unconditionally and has spent countless hours away from his family to help others in their time of need. Joe always has a calm demeanor in handling any situation he encounters and is always there to lend a helping hand. I’d like to thank his family as well for lending their husband, father and Grandfather to the Community. I personally believe first responders families are the true unsung heroes. Thank Joe and the Hilliker family for your sacrifices. Rosemary Buckley & Jim Buckley

First Responder Bradley Dempsey: Thank you for all you do and the passion you have for your job! Jessica Lowry

First Responder Roderick Miniel: Rod works as an EMT-I in Prophetstown. He has dedicated 20+ years to his community and surrounding communities. He works full time at CGH as the Lab Director and then covers call for Prophetstown Fire Protection District approximately 48 hours a week. He is an exceptional patient care provider and goes above and beyond for his patients. He is there for his coworkers if needed and is a huge asset to his community! ❤️Julie Pope

First Responder Samuel Zigler: Thank you CPO Sam Zigler for keeping our roads and waterways safe. You are always willing to educate as you go along and do not shy away from any situation. Pat Zigler

First Responder Dave Pilgrim: Not only Chief but always there when assistance is needed. Thank you for your service. Be safe. Linda Pilgrim

First Responder Tanner Seidel: Thank you for all you do for the comunity!!! You go above and beyond. Very proud of you.- Ronda Seidel

First Responder Jeff Bryant Sr: I’d like to thank the Amboy Fire Chief Jeff Bryant for going above and beyond. Jeff has committed countless hours to the fire department and our community. Jeff and his family are all involved in the first responder community. I’m sure they have sacrificed valuable family time serving our community. I personally appreciate Jeff, his family and all first responder. I will continue to pray for their safety and guidance. Thank you! - Rosemary Buckley

First Responder Jason Schneider: Wanted to say thank you for your service to our community! You work tirelessly for those around you and are very humble!! Your job is so important and we are sograteful for people like you who we all can rely on!!- Renee Tabor

First Responder Keith Wiersema: Member of Morrison Fire Department for 30 years and counting, worked for ricks auto body for 25 years until closing now works for city of Morrison. It doesn’t matter what day of the year it is or time of the day he gets the call he goes and does what needs done.- Ryan Wiersema

First Responder Shane M. Mowry, Oregon Illinois: Shane is always there to make a fire call or as a paramedic. Ted Gann

First Responder Travis Ganther: Officer Ganther goes above and beyond to make sure the city of Sterling is a safe and enjoyable place to live!- Miguel Olivas Bart Thomas

First Responder Christina Barnhart: She is dedicated to her community, thank you. - Summer Lantz

First Responder Garrett H Gerdes: Thank you for being one of the best paramedics in two communities!! You have showed your true calling and we love you so much for being one of the best..Love Mom and Family - Tina Gerdes

First Responder Travis Ganther: Thank you for being such a wonderful person! You are absolutely amazing with my special needs son every time he sees you. You go above and beyond! You are a great asset to the community!- Tiffany Kleinik

First Responder Christina Barnhart: Thank you for all you do. I’m amazed at the fact that whether you are healthy or not feeling well, the call is easy or hard, if you’re short staffed or fully staffed, you are always always ready to go out. Susan Barnhart

First Responder Kristopher Montanez: Officer Montanez has shown selfless dedication to the communities he has served. The people of Rock Falls recognize Officer Montanez as a hardworking and dedicated officer and thank him for his servitude to us. Vincent Vaughn

First Responder Matt Hey: Matt had to come to my house many times.. Vince Ippolito

First Responder Matt Hey: Matt is an excellent Responder! I’ve needed him many times.. Vince Ippolito

First Responder Officer Cassandra Dempsey: Thank you for your outstanding dedication and compassion. You are so brave and caring! As a young aspiring officer, I went on a ride along with you and during my ride along experience, you demonstrated the true meaning of a first responder and inspired me to pursue a career in law enforcement. Your professionalism, courage, and kindness left a lasting impact on me. You display the qualities of a true hero, hardworking woman, and role model. Thank you Officer Dempsey for making a difference in my life and in our community. Love, Valerie - Villaneda Valerie Orton

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