How to Make Your Own Bird Feeder

Birdfeeders not only bring more of our flying friends to your yard, but they are a great way to connect with nature. Building your own is a fun project that you can enjoy with your whole family, and they make great gifts, too!

Some premade feeders are designed to attract certain birds and can be a little costly. On the other hand, there are many different kinds of DIY birdfeeders you can create from items you may already have around the house. One of the simplest and most common is the bottle feeder.

You can make this particular birdfeeder with an empty water or soda bottle in any size you want. All you’ll need is a few basic items and a little time. Here’s how to do it:

  • Make sure the bottle is empty and completely dried.
  • Cut or poke two holes in the bottom end of the bottle.
  • Thread some small rope, twine, or string into one hole and out of the other (this is for hanging the bottle.) Tie both ends into a tight knot.
  • Cut or poke two more holes near the top third of the bottle, an inch or two away from the cap. Make sure the holes aren’t too big for the skewer in the next step.
  • Slide a skewer through the holes so it bisects the bottle, leaving a few inches protruding on each side so the birds have a place to stand. Depending on the size of the bottle, you can use chopsticks, barbecue skewers, wooden spoons, or even pencils.
  • Once the perch is in place, stand the bottle upright. Open the cap, and using a funnel, fill the bottle about halfway up with birdseed. Screw the cap back on tightly.
  • Turn the bottle back over so the cap end is down, and using the string or twine from step 3, hang the birdfeeder on a tree branch or near a window.
  • Simply remove the feeder and refill it as needed. You can also decorate the bottle as well.

That’s all there is to it! With this simple project, you can create your own birdfeeder in a matter of minutes.

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