Dr. Ahmad is Now Offering 3 New Services at Morrison Community Hospital!

Dr. Waseem Ahmad, a Diplomat of the American Board of Neurology and the American Board of Sleep Medicine, is now offering new services in addition to his regular duties at Morrison Community Hospital. Dr. Ahmad specializes in general neurology and sleep medicine, which includes neurological testing, EEG, EMG, Sleep Studies, and evaluation and treatment of disorders of the brain, spine, and nervous system. Here are 3 new services offered by Dr. Ahmad:

1. Clinical Botox Injections. When injected into a specific site, botox can treat a variety of issues. “When injected intramuscularly into affected muscles, botox can treat muscle stiffness and spasms,” explained Mick Welding, Marketing Director at MCH. “When injected into the muscles of the head and neck, it can help prevent migraines. Botox can also be used in the treatment of excessive sweating, drooling, and excess saliva production. Your dose, the number of injections, the injection sites, and the frequency of injections will be determined by your condition and your response to therapy.”

2. Home Sleep Studies. Patients can have a sleep apnea test performed in the comfort of their home. The test utilizes a very simplified breathing monitor that tracks breathing, oxygen levels, and breathing effort while the monitor is worn. There is no preparation for an at-home sleep apnea test; you’ll sleep in your own environment and follow your regular routine.

3. EEG Tests. “An EEG is used to evaluate several types of brain disorders, including epilepsy, lesions of the brain (resulting from a tumor or stroke), Alzheimer’s Disease, and narcolepsy,” said Welding. “The EEG test detects abnormalities in the patient’s electrical brain activity. The procedure involves having electrodes with small discs pasted onto the scalp; the electrodes detect tiny electrical charges that result from brain cell activity.”

For more information about the services provided by Dr. Ahmad, or to make an appointment for a consultation, please contact:

Morrison Community Hospital

303 North Jackson Street

Morrison, IL 61270

Phone: 815-772-5511