Letter: Dennis Considine has qualities of fairness, honesty, good judgment

Sauk Valley Letters to the Editor

My wife, Angie, and I worked with Dennis Considine for many years. During that time, we came to know Considine as a fellow business associate and a personal friend. He has always exhibited the qualities of fairness, honesty, and good judgment. Considine was well liked and trusted by his coworkers and customers.

Since his retirement, we have continued our friendship with Considine and have enjoyed watching him in his pursuit of government service and his other community endeavors. Angie and I believe Considine would make a wonderful mayor for the city of Dixon. He is experienced in city governance and working with the city manager and department heads. In closing, we know that Considine has a vigorous desire to see Dixon expand, improve and prosper. Please vote for Dennis Considine for mayor Monday, April 3.

Mark Clevenger