Letter: Dangerous descent down the rabbit hole

To the Editor:

My God, my God, what have we come to and become? America’s Satan-like figure Donald Trump, our failed tycoon con-man father of lies, the former and still-reigning liar-in-chief, transformed the once-proud GOP into an unrecognizable, slavishly devoted cult, while dividing our country into multiple warring camps.

This is due primarily to his pathological lying, with humongous help from ignorance, a heaping of hate and his severely disordered psyche’s imprint on our nation. After all, he made it great again to be ignorant, immoral, hateful, a white supremacist, fascist, racist, and a conspiring Confederate insurrectionist against America (then and now).

President Grant spoke prophetic words in 1875 regarding another possible conflict. “The dividing line will not be Mason and Dixon’s, but between patriotism and intelligence on one side – and superstition, ambition and ignorance on the other.”

Sadly, after four years of President Trump, this is our America. In one corner, intelligent Democratic patriots fighting tooth and nail for our democracy and America’s ideals; in the other, superstitious, ambitious Republican ignoramuses waging a full-frontal assault against democracy and all that our nation stands for.

And at what a catastrophic cost for our country? I can no longer recognize the America I’ve known until Trump took a tragically fateful escalator trip; the world was turned upside down and Americans began our dangerous descent down the rabbit hole. Today, we truly live in Wonderland, where lies become truth and reality is whatever one wants it to be.

The free press, the linchpin of democracy, is the “enemy of the people.” The Democratic Party is now an “enemy of the state,” aiming to make America Marxist. The devil authors Democratic legislation. The defeated candidate calling around seeking additional votes beyond those legally cast accuses the winner, with 7 million more certified votes, of stealing the election. As they say, you can’t make this stuff up.

But one can make up all sorts of stories about a “wild time” insurrection unleashed against Congress, even manufacture a martyr for the cause of a defeated, deluded, deranged ex-president desperately seeking to stay out of prison and restore his former glory.

John Eades