Property Transfers

Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed Nov. 15-19

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside county

Warranty deeds

⋅ Afrem and Leman Malki to Sammy D.L. and Erin M. Biggs, 2206 Hubbard Road, Sterling, $309,000.

⋅ Gail T. Young to Abigail M. and Scott W. Temple, 9520 Lyman Road, Erie, $200,000.

⋅ Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Castle 2020 LLC, 411 E. North St., Morrison, $23,500.

⋅ Anthony L. and Billie R. Evans to Jeffrey Rolland, 512 16th Ave., Fulton, $78,500.

⋅ Jason D. Watts to Malachi Paxton, 801 S. Church St., Albany, $167,000.

⋅ Anthony L. and Billie R. Evans to Michael A. and Dana R. Anderson, 621 Genesee Ave., Morrison, $155,000.

⋅ Quinten Ray Villarreal to Gilberto L. Munoz, 1504 10th Ave., Rock Falls, $19,000.

⋅ Thomas G. Rickels to Spencer Diveley, 1320 Sixth Ave., Erie, $145,000.

⋅ Shirley Pope to Richard and Susan Dean, 106 S. Main St., Tampico, $12,000.

⋅ Larry L., Kevin R., Loren D. and Mark A. Venhuizen to AJKM Farms LLC, one parcel on Sand Road, Fulton, $1,195,000.

⋅ Familiares Inc. to Bush Properties Inc., 44 Grove St., Prophetstown, $9,000.

⋅ Shawn and Amy E. Lickritz to Lisa Barger and John Barger Jr. and Sr., 8576 Deere Run Road, Fenton, $375,000.

⋅ Connie M. and Frank L. Booth Sr. to Adam and Nicole M. Crady, 559 Lyndon Road, Prophetstown, $100,000.

⋅ Ace Securities Corp. Loan Equity Loan Trust, series 2006nc2, HSBC Bank USA, trustee, to Troy Richards, 702 15th Ave., Rock Falls, $83,500.

⋅ Amanda McNeill and Beverly A. Cooper to Harley R. Erdmann, three parcels on Kiner Road, Prophetstown, $343,334.

⋅ Harley R. Erdmann to Amanda McNeill and Beverly A. Cooper, three parcels in Prophetstown Township, $325,067.

⋅ Philip Edward Sinroll to Michael Phillips, 202 E. Seventh St., Sterling, $63,000.

⋅ Austin Neill and Payton Keller to Jack E. and Kathy L. Stout, 13920 Crosby Road, Morrison, $295,000.

⋅ Jeanette and William W. Stickel Jr. to Carson Sterling, 1100 Harbor Drive, Rock Falls, $122,000.

⋅ Marathon Petroleum Co. LP to Troy Michael Hernandez, 1404 W. Fourth St., Sterling, $30,000.

⋅ Christopher M. and Jill A. Underwood to Tyler Renkes and Kaylee Vos, 211 Pheasant Ridge Drive, Albany, $185,000.

⋅ Mark A. and Julie Smeltzer to Patrice A. Vary, 2413 16th Ave., Sterling, $169,000.

⋅ Kenneth D. and Sharon K. Miller to Aleta J. Tarbill, 1102 Harbor Drive, Rock Falls, $125,000.

⋅ Diante C. and Jessica Lee Sanders to James R. Leach, 802 Locust St., Sterling, $136,000.

⋅ AA&B Properties Inc. to Andrew and Angela Dobbins Flowers, 1500 Regan Road, Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ Andrew and Angela Dobbins Flowers to Gen 3 Group LLC, 1500 Regan Road, Rock Falls, $66,000.

⋅ Marguerite A. Clark to Robert G. and Jerrie L. Jackley, 14840 Elk Road, Fulton, $50,000.

⋅ Kayla and Quinn M. Wilkin to Justin R. Thoms, 500 Sixth Ave., Fulton, $160,000.

⋅ Justin and Jessica Thoms to Shaune Rose, 7299 Long Road, Fulton, $320,000.

⋅ Stanley B. Steines and Deborah K. Milder to Philip L. and Stephanie A. Schmitt, 13050 Masters Drive, Morrison, $525,000.

⋅ Alexander L. Rose to Jessie R. Peppers Lilly and Hannah J. Linder, 509 Oakland Ave., Morrison, $31,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ John Carroll to Amanda Jordan, 203 W. Second Ave., Lyndon, $0.

⋅ Carole D. Dalton to Henry Dougherty, 1302 14th Ave., Sterling, $0.

⋅ Moore Family Land LLC to Justin Marshall and Vanessa Rae Taylor, 1012 E. Rock Falls Road, Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ Michael V. Baker to Edwin Allen and Cheryl Joy Rein Trust, 110 Second Ave., Sterling, $0.

⋅ Daniel L. Covell to Edwin Allen and Cheryl Joy Rein Trust, 110 Second Ave., Sterling, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Stephen A. and Sheryl A. Deckro to Joshua J. and Kelly C. West and Darren G. Dykema, 101 E. Main St., Morrison, $115,000.

⋅ Larry G. and Mary R. McCormick Trust to Jason Smith, one parcel on Lakeside Drive, Erie, $18,500.

⋅ H. Kent and Jane L. Huisingh Trust to Austin and Payton C. Keller, 17809 Chase Road, Fulton, $500,000.

⋅ .Robert Lyle Zimmerman Trust, Larry G. Zimmerman, trustee, to Susan Kort, 2006 Ave. D, Sterling, $206,500.

Executors deeds

⋅ Hugh F. Miller Estate to Meghan Elizabeth Edwards, 3101 Middle Drive, Rock Falls, $111,500.

⋅ Janet W. Nieman Estate to Catherine Clark and Margaret Regnier, 704 W. 14th St., Sterling, $190,000.

⋅ Betty M. Veracini Estate to Teresa A. and Earl Jones, 506 Wiker Drive, Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ Lois M. Fordham Estate to Dustin Frank, 400 Ave. C, Rock Falls, $58,000.

⋅ Shirley E. Boehmer Estate to William Paul and Tonya Marie Edwards, 307 N. 12th St., Fulton, $152,000.


⋅ Mark D. Duchay Estate to John Lira, 309 Wallace St., Sterling, $3,000.

⋅ Jay Sairam LLC to Rudraksh Hospitality LLC, 510 W. state Route 30, Rock Falls, $360,000.

⋅ A&B Partnership to Edwin Allen and Cheryl Joy Rein Trust, 110 Second Ave., Sterling, $85,000.

⋅ Whiteside County sheriff and David Surratt to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 201 Seventh Ave., Sterling, $0.

⋅ Whiteside County sheriff, Ardith R. Zuidema Estate, Jake and Robert Zuidema Jr., Rebecca Chadwick, and Leota Schipper, Michael Diaz, representative, to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, 700 17th Ave., Fulton, $0.

Lee County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Martin A. Kapp to Daniel L. Langenfeld, 2416 Shoreline Heights Road, Sterling, $125,000.

⋅ Jovana Delatorre and Devona Calsyn to Stephanie Calsyn, 324 Sycamore St., Franklin Grove, $72,000.

⋅ Jo Anne Dalke and Debra Apple to Elijah S. Monier, 551 Rock Island Road, Dixon, $130,000.

⋅ David G. Schoenholz to South Valley Properties, LLC, 106 E. Basset St., Nelson, $40,000.

⋅ Terry M. Sondgeroth to Josh and Cindy Arduini, 1505 S. Galena St., Dixon, $264,000.

⋅ James Hart to Manuel and Petra Silva, 1028 Franklin Grove Road, Dixon, $255,000.

⋅ Tommy P. and Cheryl L. Nauman to Jeffrey A. and Tammy M. Bryant, 232 W. Hubbard St., Amboy, $18,000.

⋅ Scott J. and Margaux Mengebier to James and Sonia L. Villarreal, block 17, lot 19, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,000.

⋅ Daniel Leal to Salome Garcia and Jesus German Ramirez, block 17, lot 183, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $9,000.

⋅ Marie D. Temple to Angelo Carrivale, block 24, lot 50, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $38,500.

⋅ Jason D. and Waynette A. Hollinger to Steven J. and Kayleigh M. Heck, 706 Logan Ave., Dixon, $42,500.

⋅ Jordan and Mary Manion to Terina Ellis, 403 N. Inlet Road, Sublette, $125,000.

⋅ Michael V. McGuire to 403 E. Fellows Street Land Trust, Gaylloyd Lott, also Gaylloy D., trustee, 403 E. Fellows, Dixon, $150,000.

⋅ Paula M. Cates to Deborah Hoffman, 219 Chase St., Paw Paw, $92,000.

⋅ Kraus Housing, Pete and Dawn Kraus to Honest Key Properties LLC Series 1, 952 Harmon Road, Harmon, $195,000.

⋅ Randall and Vonnie Gittleson to Adam D. Gittleson, one parcel in Bradford Township, $564,037.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ James and Jami Joseph to Ernest C. and Patricia M. Garcia, block 7, lot 39, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $8,450.

⋅ Clifford William Richards to Andrea Lynn Spragg Cash, block 17, lot 41, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

⋅ Illiana Silva and David Ablao, executor, to Seth Ablao, block 26, lots 27-28, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

⋅ James R. and Henry A. Knetsch IV to Karen Maliszewski and Kimberly Munson, one parcel in Reynolds Township, $0.

⋅ Henry A. Knetsch IV to James R. Knetsch, Karen Maliszewski and Kimberly Munson, one parcel in Reynolds Township, $0.

⋅ James R. Knetsch, Karen Maliszewski and Kimberly Munson to Henry A. Knetsch IV, one parcel in Reynolds Township, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

⋅ PHH Mortgage Corp. to Gilberto Luna, 404 W. Center St., Mt. Morris, $17,800.

⋅ Summit Ag Fund III LLP and AGMP III LLP to Janie L. and Weston D. Hughes Sr., one parcel in Pine Creek Township, Oregon, $26,650.

⋅ Shawn M. and Robin A. Brewington to Aaron and Devona Harms, 6044 E. Bradley Road, Stillman Valley, $275,000.

⋅ Phillip M. and Alicia Bird to Armando Vazquez Salinas, 610 Dennis Ave., Rochelle, $146,000.

⋅ Davidson of Creston LLC to Larry D. and Beverly A. Flanagan, 333 N. Woodlawn Road, Creston, $80,000.

⋅ David F. Bakes to Rodrigo A. and Lisset G. Hernandez Penaran, 351 W. Phyllis Ave., Rochelle, $149,000.

⋅ Linda A. Daub to San Juana Hueramo, 907 N. 15th St., Rochelle, $93,000.

⋅ Keith A. Scott to Mary Beth Papke, 716 Kelley Drive, Rochelle, $148,000.

⋅ Jeffrey L. Newman to Kabbage Patch LLC, 14874 Highway 64, Chana, $81,000.

⋅ Jeff L. Newman to Askvig Boys Construction LLC, 563 S. Second St., Rochelle, $65,000.

⋅ Steven P. and Colleen S. Esterday to Roberto Mondragon, $850 N. 12th St., Rochelle, $114,000.

⋅ T&R Rentals LLC to Frank Tesinsky Jr., 427 N. Woolf Court, Rochelle, $120,000.

⋅ Mark S. and Kathleen N. Cook to Tyler Ryan and Jovana Delatorre, 216 Linder Lane, Rochelle, $162,000.

⋅ Monica Scott to Jeffrey L. and Kelly L. Newman, 6081 N. 20th St., Rochelle, $250,000.

⋅ Kevin P. and Karla Marrs to James and Anne Morgart, 2920 E. Appleridge Lane, Byron, $207,111.

⋅ Richard T. and Lori S. Wetsel to Jennifer K. and Austin L. Kress, 347 Misty Meadow Lane, Davis Junction, $220,000.

⋅ Rick A. and Tamara S. Mills to Ryan E. Baylor, 1697 N. River Road, Oregon, $0.

⋅ Kyle R. and Misty D. Korf to Vanessa Larson, 1116 Old Hunter Run, Byron, $250,000.

⋅ Roxie Wilson to Nathan A. Edwards and Danielle Cooper, 300 E. Roosevelt St., Stillman Valley, $75,000.

⋅ Jacob M. White to Terry Brandner, 204 N. Reynolds St., Mt. Morris, $89,900.

⋅ Andrew J. and Susan Warcaba to Donald Wasilewski, 313 Knollwood Drive, Dixon, $15,000.

⋅ James E. Grifen to Betty J. Miller, 104 W. Elkhorn St., Polo, $73,500.

⋅ Polly J. and Larry E. Black to Tommy and Heidi A. Lynx, 681 S. Red Oak Lane, Oregon, $295,000.

⋅ Susan M. Dedi Norton to Kelly Diehl, 706 W. Washington St., Oregon, $66,667.00.

⋅ Fare Enough Farm LLC to David Pottinger, 3626 S. Prairie Road, Chana, $50,000.

⋅ Scott M. Etes to Joshua R. and Stephanie R. Lewis, 2823 Center Road, Chana, $304,000.

⋅ Askvig Boys Construction LLC to Scott M. Etes, 2823 Center Road, Chana, $227,000.

⋅ Rochelle Development Joint Venture LLC to Rochelle Railroad Park West 2 Inc., one parcel in Flagg Township, $349,598.

⋅ Rochelle Development Joint Venture LLC to Rochelle Railroad Park West 1 LLC, one parcel in Flagg Township, $408.

⋅ Rochelle Development Joint Venture Lot 1 LLC to Rochelle Railroad Park West 1 Inc., 101 N. Centerpoint Drive, Rochelle, $18,400,000.

⋅ Mark T. and Linda K. Kofron to Jordan and Meredith Chance, 8314 N. Pheasant Trail, Stillman Valley, $365,000.

⋅ Joanna Easley to Carlos G. and Yazmin E. Gildeleyva, 401 S. Fourth St., Oregon, $46,000.

⋅ Joseph C. and Jeanne M. Ferencak to Sarah M. and Danny M. Chisamore, 864 Fairground Circle Drive, Oregon, $295,000.

⋅ Eric and Rachel N. Nelson to Collin Curry, 323-325 N. Birch Lane, Dixon, $128,000.

⋅ Kimberly S. Bottomley to Dana and Victoria Reed, 201 S. Hannah Ave., Mt. Morris, $149,900.

⋅ The late Earl A. Whipple by heirs to Jordan B. Auker, 8541 N. Conger Road, Byron, $61,000.

⋅ Bobby Beardsley to Rose E. Robles, 8370 E. Hales Corner Road, Stillman Valley, $15,000.

⋅ David H. and Teresa L. Walden to Kenneth H. Walden, 4554 N. Marrill Road, Byron, $170,000.

⋅ G & W Land Company Inc. to Todd E. and Kristy L. Erdahl, one parcel in Oregon-Nashua Township, $16,500.

⋅ KBK Holdings LLC to A & L Real Estate Investments LLC, 101 Park St., Davis Junction, $1,218,885.

⋅ Halah and Barry Smith to Andres Machado, 5274 S. Mill Pond Road, Rochelle, $243,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Ernest W. Richards to Doanld W. and Gail M. Merry, 212 Cuyahoga Drive, Dixon, $0.

⋅ James E. and Margie L. Reints to Carla Jean Valdivieso, 935 N. Sixteenth St., Rochelle, $0.

⋅ John W. and Lynn E. Courter to Mark A. and Hilery Courter, 6637 N. Deer Path, Oregon, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Private Trust, Kristine M. Pierce, trustee to Brown and Sons LLC, 311 and 317 N. Seventh St. and 623 W. Lincoln Ave., Rochelle, $174,000.

⋅ Wanda M. Flick Trust 1, Deborah A. Brue, trustee, to Steven S. and Michelle L. Gunder, 707 E. Webster St., Polo, $170,000.

⋅ Jeffrey S. and Sandra L. Bain Irrevocable Trust, Briane E. Drake and Kelsey R. Kellerman, trustees, to Seth L. Brody and Janice E. Brumagin, 420 Sunbeam Court, Stillman Valley, $92,500.

Executors deeds

⋅ Estate of the late Leonard E. Jones by executor to Susan Eichhorst, 805 Clay St., Oregon, $157,000.

⋅ Estate of the late Dennis W. Olsen by executor to James A. Schultheis, 108 N. Congress Ave., Polo, $47,500.

⋅ Estate of the late Patricia Ann Whipple by executor to Jordan Auker, 8541 N. Conger Road, Byron, $61,000.

⋅ Estate of the late Janet Arlene Buffington by executor to Brian P. Curry, 9742 N. Baileyville Road, Forreston, $105,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office