Charlie Dickinson is March student of the month in Amboy

Charlie Dickinson is student of the month for March in Amboy

Charlie Dickinson is student of the month for March in Amboy.

He is a 17-year-old senior from Amboy. His parents are Dan and Laura Dickinson. His siblings are Ryan and Jason Dickinson.

What class do you find really engaging?

I have loved math for as long as I remember. For three years I have had Mrs. Carlson, aka “Dinger,” as my math teacher. Even though I love math, math can be really challenging, especially the calc class I am taking right now with her. Over these three years, she somehow has made math fun even when it is the most difficult thing on this planet. She somehow can make a song or some catchy phrase with anything in math. Nobody really understands how she does it, but she does it.

What are your career and post-graduation plans?

This fall I will head to Rock Island and attend Augustana College for a bachelor’s degree.

What are your two favorite activities?

My two favorite extracurricular activities are cross country and National Honor Society. With cross country, I have grown so much and created unbreakable bonds with my teammates. My other favorite community activity is National Honor Society. With National Honor Society, you have to tutor your peers, and I love sharing my knowledge with others as much as I can.

Please share a moment that was meaningful.

I have been a varsity cross country runner all four years of high school. I ran track in junior high and was decent at running, but my older friends really were the factor that made me choose to run cross country. I created unbreakable bonds with my teammates. My freshman year, we barely missed state. My sophomore year, there was no state, but we won regional. My junior year, we once again won regional, and this time we made it to state. We were the first-ever boys state cross country team in Amboy. There was no better feeling to represent Amboy against the best runners in Illinois with the best teammates. Sadly, a lot of the runners graduated, and my senior year we had an entirely new team. My senior year, we did not win regional or make it to state, but we were the first-ever Amboy boys cross country team to win conference. Over these four years, I have accomplished so much with this team.

What is your hope for the future?

I am not sure what I want to do with the rest of my life, but whatever it is, I hope I am living life to the fullest.

Each area high school or support organization has its own process for selecting student(s) of the month.

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