Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle County, filed Jan. 13-20

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Mary Louise Carrillo to Illinois Department of Transportation, 202 E. 37th St., Sterling, $12,500.

⋅ TN Hermes LLC to Illinois Department of Transportation, one parcel in Sterling Township, $8,394.

⋅ ENR Farms LLC to Lynn K. Miller, one parcel on Lyndon Road, Prophetstown, $135,360.

⋅ ENR Farms LLC to Reid C. and Tara L. Johnson, one parcel on Lyndon Road, Prophetstown, $488,040.

⋅ Rebecca Schrader and Mardy and Shelby Preston to Jody Preston and Scott and Ruth Cowley, 23112 Pigeon Road, Morrison, $262,500.

⋅ Rebecca Schrader and Mardy and Shelby Preston to Jody Preston and Ruth Cowley, four parcels on Covell Road, Morrison, $37,500.

⋅ Josefina Torres to Joseph A. Lewis, 1002 Eighth Ave., Rock Falls, $43,500

⋅ Steven E. and Jackie L. Foster to John K. and Julianne Dowd, 1235 W. Fourth St., Sterling, $100,000.

⋅ Julianne and John K. Dowd Sr. to DW Wash Inc., 1235 W. Fourth St., Sterling, $150,000.

⋅ Brenda Brown, also Calderon, to Jeff and Christy Scott, 206 Ave F, Rock Falls, $31,000.

⋅ William J. Verhulst to Korbin Ketchum and Michael Risley, 1011 Third Ave., Sterling, $100,000.

⋅ Loren W. and Connie S. Tenboer to Jeremiah L. and Bettrina R. Renkes, one parcel on Hillside Road, Morrison, $6,000.

⋅ Clayton J. Wiersema to Seeventures LLC, 413 12th Ave., Fulton, $51,500.

⋅ Keith E. Newell to Matthew Hicks, 232 Emmons Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ James C. Lubbs, Deborah L. Leroy, Barbara A. Rodgers and Bonnie J. Scoville to James A. Rahn and Hope C. Friday, 210 N. Main St., Coleta, $0.

⋅ David A. Olsen to Vincent Patrick Coates, 1108 15th Ave., Fulton, $96,000.

⋅ Janice R. Cady to Scott N. and Nicole M. Shepard, 15582 Bishop Road, Morrison, $220,000.

⋅ Todd P. Dellit Estate and Robin Shomin to Nathan A. and Nicole L. Petersen and Jere R. Wood, one parcel on Holly Road, Fulton, $19,500.

⋅ Todd P. Dellit Estate and Robin Shomin to Yasuko Petersen, one parcel on Holly Road, Fulton, $9,500.

⋅ Eva L. Hutton Estate and Norma and Clayton Conrady, Debora Stamper and David Hutton to Norma Conrady, 2213 E. French St., Rock Falls, $0.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Whiteside County to city of Rock Falls, Industrial Development Commission, 1701 Industrial Park Road, Rock Falls, $20,000.

⋅ Richard G. and Susan L. Baker to Richard S. Baker, 3408 A St., Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ Verna and Juanita Wedekind to Carey Kobbeman, 211 Ave B, Rock Falls, $0.

Executors deed

⋅ Floyd Edward Royer Estate to Brady Robinson and Jessica Raber, 2112 Melvin Drive, Rock Falls, $187,000.


⋅ Illinois Bell Telephone Co. to Lucas and Cali Miles, 1908 Prophet Road, Rock Falls, $395,000.

⋅ Darrell L. Mount and Aleatha Carter to Roger E. Mount, 1015 Charles St. and one vacant lot in Sterling, $0.

⋅ Intercounty Judicial Sales Corp. and Jeffrey D, Roberts to Newrez LLC, dba Shellpoint Mortgage Service, 1227 Albany St., Erie, $0.

⋅ 10 E Lynn Boulevard LLC to Store Master Funding XXI LLC, 10 E. Lynn Blvd., Sterling (Tire Tracks), $498,548.

⋅ Shirley Elizabeth Hernandez, Patricia Ann Tabor, Linda Lorraine Hallmark, Barbara Louise Kazmierczak and Richard Raymond Lego to Ernest Valladares, 1001 Eighth St. and 1004 Seventh St., Sterling, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Terry W. and Michelle R. Dewey to Young Americans Foundation, 801 S. Galena Ave., Dixon, $194,700.

⋅ Thomas D. and Danielle N. Weaver to Joseph Adam Duncan, 141 N. Viking Vie St., Lee, $80,000.

⋅ Leticia Mendez to Ronald Richard and Heather J. Debaun, block 23, lot 111, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $11,000.

⋅ Mimini Properties LLC to Sebero Basilio Vazquez and Blanca E. Renol Tumax, 507 E. Chamberlin St., Dixon, $82,000.

⋅ Gary L. Kreiser to Brian L. and Kristi R. Boehle, one parcel of farmland in Harmon Township, $700,000.

⋅ Freedom Property Group LLC 3 to Eric Good, 1708 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $45,000.

⋅ Sauk Valley Properties LLC and Beth A. Wilson to Benjamin R. Fassler and Molly A. Weinzierl, 318 Spruce St., Dixon, $92,500.

⋅ Robert C. Colwell to Edward Melish, 1416 S. Galena Ave., Dixon, $115,000.

⋅ Kristopher D. Brantly to city of Dixon, 421 N. Lincoln Ave., Dixon, $0.

⋅ Jason R. and Kristen N, Pavlak to Patrick Finnigan, 202 Steward St., Steward, $250,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Diana Jean and Sherilyn Jamie Hoyle to Kimberly Wilhite, 306 E. Bluff St., Amboy, $0.

⋅ Charlotte A. Hodder to Trinity Lutheran Church of DeKalb, 2763-2765 Shaw Road, Compton, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Edward N. Regole 1993 Trust and Edward N. Regole Revocable Trust, Raymond F. Dalton Jr., successor trustee, to Lighthouse Investments LLC, one parcel of farmland in Harmon Township, $801,100.

⋅ June L. Soderstrom Living Trust, June L. Soderstrom, trustee, to Christopher and Michelle Soderstrom, block 11, lots 185-186, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Executors deed

⋅ Delores B. Miller, also Dolores I., and Ronald L. Smith to Baldomero Olvera Jr., 128 E. Brown St., Franklin Grove, $99,000.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Areli P. and Maria L. Villa to Joshua and Jacquelyn Bell, 620 Willow Bend Drive, Davis Junction, $242,800.

⋅ BME Ogle Farms LLC to Lee E. Heeren Trust, Lee E. Heeren, trustee, one parcel in Scott Township, 8271 Hales Corner and one parcel on Stillman Road, Stillman Valley, $1,320,567.

⋅ Shawn Melville to Terry Schuster and Pamela A. Steele, 504 Trotter Court, Oregon, $220,000.

⋅ Bruce and Debra Wigtion to Dawn Marcella Orr, 311 W. Front St., Mt. Morris, $111,000.

⋅ Jon D. Miller to Tanner E. and Jasmine O. Miller, 406 E. King St., Polo, $80,000.

⋅ George T. and Sara G. Thekkanel to Seldal Properties LLC, 824 Carrie Ave., Rochelle, $755,000.

⋅ Stephen M. and Elinor Jane Degolier to Jason R. and Kristen, 1217 Carrie Ave., Rochelle, $236,000.

⋅ Gail L. Blumeyer, also Fruin, to Andrew Mulrooney, 711 S. Second St., Oregon, $108,000.

⋅ Ships 11 LLC to Store Master Funding XXI LLC, 1320 N. Seventh St. Rochelle, $469,574.

⋅ Vallyn I LLC Ogle County Farm Land Series to Dremo LLC, 5436 E. Flagg Road, Oregon, $655,000.

⋅ Phillip E. Messenger to Laura J. Badtke, 4358 W. state Route 64, Mt. Morris, $155,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Curtis W. Samo and William P. Baker to His Corner LLC, 503 Cottonwood Court, Dixon, $0.

⋅ Marlene I Mackey to Drainage Solutions LLC, 310 N. Jefferson Ave., Polo, $6,500.

⋅ Elaine Khor to Elaine Khor and Shakir Hano Bannosha, 3008 W. Oregon Trail Road, Oregon, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Kenneth E. and Rhonda J. Hambley Trust, Kenneth E. and Rhonda J. Hambley, trustee, to Austin D. Luepkes, 1003 W. Blackhawk Drive, Byron, $135,000.

⋅ Wanner Trust, John M. Wanner Sr., trustee, to Stefanie Obenhaus, 305 Ridge Road, Rochelle, $227,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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