Wedding transportation tips

wedding transportation tips

Weddings are momentous events for the couple tying the knot as well as all of the friends and family invited to share in the big day.

Before couples can tie the knot and cut a rug at their receptions, everyone, couple and guests included, must arrive at the location (or locations if the ceremony site differs from the reception area). Though arranging wedding day transportation can be difficult, there are ways to make the process go more smoothly for guests and bridal party members.

Determine your needs

Before a transportation plan can be made, couples must first map out their needs. Everything should be built around the ceremony. Once the ceremony time has been set, the rest of the day can be arranged around that time.

Determine how much time is needed to travel from the ceremony to the reception area. Allocate enough time before the cocktail hour to allow for traffic, photos and any other needs that may take up time. Couples do not want anyone, included themselves, to feel rushed.

Once the timing has been orchestrated, couples can figure out exactly which types of transportation will be required.

Book personal transportation first

Happy couples must make their own transportation their top priority. Arrange for the couples’ transportation between five and seven months in advance of the wedding. It could be preferable to book it even further in advance if a couple is getting married around a holiday or during prom season when limousines and party buses are in high demand. Remember, unless the bride-to-be plans to be seen by her groom, couples will need separate transportation to the ceremony site. Factor multiple vehicles into the wedding transportation budget.

Explore your personality

Brides and grooms have many transportation options at their disposal. If a limousine doesn’t add the spark of creativity they desire, they can opt for a VW bus or a retro roadster. Outdoor enthusiasts might want to ride off on horseback, while easy riders might prefer to rev up the engine on a Harley-Davidson. Couples should never feel penned in by tradition, especially when something else makes them feel remarkable and the budget allows for it.

Have your getaway car ready

Couples generally opt to arrive to the wedding and reception in style, but take their own vehicles or cabs home afterward. This requires some advanced planning. Enlist the help of friends to park the return-trip car in a convenient location. Check with the catering hall to see if a vehicle can be left in their lot overnight. Otherwise, arrange to grab a ride home with friends or family.

Consider others’ needs

Have the names and phone numbers of taxi or ridesharing services available for those who may not be able to drive after the party. Elderly or disabled guests might appreciate prearranged transportation as well. Although couples can arrange for transportation as a courtesy to others, they don’t need to make arrangements for everyone.

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