SVM Athlete of the Week: Oregon’s Ava Hackman

Oregon's Ava Hackman chips onto the green at #3 during the girls class A sectionals Monday, Oct. 4, 2021 at Kewanee Dunes.

One of the most accomplished golfers in the area the past few years, Oregon senior Ava Hackman has qualified for state the past two seasons, and finished her career in style at the Class 1A state tournament on Oct. 8 at Red Tail Run in Decatur, shooting a two-day total of 159 (+15) to tie for 21st. She also tied for 13th at the 1A Kewanee Sectional on Oct. 3, shooting an 84 to qualify for state for the second straight season.

Hackman has been voted the Sauk Valley Media Athlete of the Week by readers, and answered a few questions to help us get to know her a little bit.

What was the key to your strong play this season, and especially in the postseason?

Hackman: The key was making sure I got my short game and my putting locked in.

What part of your game has grown the most during your 4-year career?

Hackman: I think my overall knowledge of course management has grown, as well as my short game.

What were the emotions of finishing your career at state?

Hackman: It was a roller coaster. I was feeling very happy and excited that I got to finish my high school career at state, but also during some moments, it hit me that these were the last high school rounds I would be playing.

What’s your favorite memory as an Oregon golfer?

Hackman: My favorite memory as an Oregon golfer is the time I spent with my teammates all 4 years. Going to Jay’s and Beef-A-Roo after matches, or just hanging out at practices.

What’s the best shot you’ve ever hit? The worst?

Hackman: On the par-5 18th hole at the sectional tournament this year, I hit my second shot with my 6-iron that left me 1 foot from the cup, which I made for my second eagle of the day. And as far as my worst shot, there have been a few over the 4 years. I’m not sure which is the worst one, LOL.

Besides Sunset or Silver Ridge, what’s your favorite golf course you’ve played on?

Hackman: I loved playing at Red Tail Run. It’s a course that gives you many challenges to where you have to hit many different clubs throughout the round.

What’s your favorite movie? TV show?

Hackman: My favorite movie is “Avatar,” and my favorite TV show is “Grey’s Anatomy.”

What is your perfect meal?

Hackman: My perfect meal would be Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner.

What superpower would you like to have?

Hackman: I would want to be able to fly, so that I can get to where I want faster.

What song fires you up for competition?

Hackman: “Jump” by Kris Kross.

What is your favorite class, and why?

Hackman: My favorite class is Math, because I like the long, complicated work that really makes me think.

Who is your favorite professional team and athlete?

Hackman: I’m a Cubs fan, but my favorite athlete is Tiger Woods because of all his accomplishments.

You get to have dinner and talk golf with three pro players. Who are you picking and why?

Hackman: I would invite Tiger Woods so he can give me some overall golfing pointers. I would also pick Michelle Wie and Lexi Thompson, because they could give me pointers on how to get the perfect swing while being able to use my height as an advantage.

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