Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed Nov. 24-Dec. 1

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

Robert C. McEvoy to Jason Forster, one parcel on Penrose Road, Morrison, $50,000.

Mathew and Brooke E. Newman to Logan Wilde and Jessica Birkey, 8710 Kenton Road, Morrison, $133,900.

Garrett and Kathleen Karman to Anthony D. Scarpetta, 1204 12th Ave., Sterling, $70,000.

John and Diane Okland to Roy Stephen Watson, 3207 Dixon Ave., Rock Falls, $137,500.

Stephen K. and Betty A. Snitchler to David Hess, 1207 E. 15th St., Sterling, $85,000.

Joseph Paschal to Lucas J. Myers, two parcels on Covell Road, Chadwick, $789,831.

Vernon and Grace Myers to Dallas and Kayleigh J. Jones, 711 Marsha Lane, Rock Falls, $179,000.

Terry E. and Penny S. Gallentine to Ryan P. Reyes and Melissa M. Schreiner, 28311 Knief Road, Rock Falls, $379,900.

Gary F. and Beth E. Milnes to Mitch and Leigh Milnes, 125 W. Main St., Morrison, $50,000.

Gerald W. and Janet M. Halpin to Randee L. Johnson, 106 Park Ave., Prophetstown, $121,000.

Edward J. Murphy Jr. to Leslie Neal, 812 Ave D, Sterling, $103,000.

Pamela A. Grismore and Douglas C. and Ronald A. Garrard to Jedediah Renkes, 502 Jenkran St., Unit 3, Morrison, $83,500.

Dan A. Soleta to Andre J. Toomer, 105 W, Railroad St., Prophetstown, $80,000.

Ruth Cowley LLC to Ric N Boad, also Ricnboad LLC, 1705 W. Fourth St., Sterling, $0.

Vamp LLC to AJKM Farms LLC, one parcel on Lincoln Road and Fulfs Road, Morrison, $1.8 million.

John F. and Sonya Phillips to Julie Rae Mennenga, 325 E. Second St., Rock Falls, $0.

Amy C. Gaulrapp to Kayleigh Ann Wolf, 1208 Mulnix St., Rock Falls, $85,000.

David L. and Ellen Kay Willey to Allen P. and Jessica A. Wade, 2005 11th Ave., Sterling, $175,000.

Katelyn Naftzger to Ricky L. Dettman, 302 S. Third Ave., Albany, $75,000.

Steven C. and Cindy K. Dyson to Katelyn Naftzger, 302 S. Third Ave., Albany, $60,000.

Betty J. Devries, formerly Dahlberg, to Kylyn Crandall, 4013 Anne St., Galt, $86,000.

Jamie L. and Heather E. Rieger to Isaac A. Garza, 1002 Griswold Ave., Sterling, $87,900.

Kurt J. Studnicki and Brian Carradus to Lewis Vaughn Jr., 2511 Sanborn St., Sterling, $149,000.

Carmen M. and Nancy M. Tornabene to Jamie and Heather Rieger, 1112 First Ave., Sterling, $149,000.

Carol J. Seidel to John W. and Ronda L. Smith, 1005 10th Ave., Rock Falls, $135,000.

Roman Properties LLC to Jaden M. Nielsen, 806 Jackson St., Prophetstown, $34,000.

John E. and Constance C. Fisk to Timothy Arlyn and Michelle A. Folkers, 23401 Holly Road, Sterling, $520,000.

Erik K. and Susan M. Gillespie to John and Sonya Phillips, 731 Lawrence Lane, Prophetstown, $129,000.

Quit claim deed

Steven W. Piercy to Angela D. Vankampen, 14905 Covell Road, Morrison, $0.

Trustees deeds

Richard C. Vandermyde Trust, Scott D. Vandermyde, trustee, to Vamp LLC, three parcels of farmland in Mt. Pleasant Township, $2,436,020.

William A. Olsson Trust, Frank Russell Olsson Trust and Ashley Kristina Olsson Trust to Steven J. and Betty E. Deneve, 7950 Felton Road, Prophetstown, $115,000.

Luke A. Ellicott Family Trust to Willard Craig Keesee, 1102 Cherry St., Albany, $155,000.

Rock River Housing Trust, Susan J. Spratt, trustee, to Heath D. Brainard, 308 Fourth Ave., Rock Falls, $89,900.

Executor’s deed

Bess M. Anselmo Estate to Crete L. Kingery, one parcel in Sterling Township, $0.


Whiteside County clerk to DG Enterprises LLC and Xprop LLC, 807 W. 12th St., Sterling, $0.

Whiteside County sheriff and Donna Dorathy to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, 2204 22nd Ave., Sterling, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

Nicholas J. Stone to Josh Helfrich, 619 N. Hennepin Ave., Dixon, $160,000.

Madison L. and Blake E. Brunson Armstrong to Nick and Ursula Sobottka, 1215 Brigadoon Drive, Dixon, $180,000.

Larry G. Setchell to David J. and Alice Verdugo, 511 E. Graham St., Dixon, $105,750.

Ronald and Julie Creager to Christopher Wasicki, one parcel on Hardanger Gate, Lee, $135,000.

John A. and Tina M. Glavac to Jonathan Alcantara, 1637 Melugins Grove Road, Steward, $385,000.

Deanne K. and Wayne T. Hoy to Brook Brown and James Flanery, 704 E. Second St., Dixon, $265,000.

Korina Jo and Holly Mueller to Thomas Leslie and Diane Sue Greenwood, 1111 state Route 52, Amboy, $265,000.

Susan Jane Erisman to Jesse J. Morris, 302 E. Whitney St., Franklin Grove, $80,000.

Agricultural Horizon XLV LLC to Rodney J. and Cynthia M. Rod, one parcel of farmland in Sublette Township, $84,645.

Mitchell G. and Emily A. Heitman to Roberta Coffee, 66 Prairie Drive, Sterling, $450,000.

Maura Harrison and Kenneth Green to Gavin R. Plock, 1099 Lost Nation Road, Dixon, $65,000.

BLDG Oceanside BK LLC and IRV Estates BK LLC to BLDG 1301 North Galena Avenue LLC, 1301 N. Galena Ave., Dixon (former Burger King), $0.

Christine M. Mini, Christopher and Gregory Mini, co-guardians, to Nickolas J. Wittenauer and Danielle M. Ledbetter, 801 W. Santee St., Sublette, $130,000.

Trustees deed

Bobby Joe Ward Jr. Trust, First National Bank in Amboy, trustee, to David Bajic, 705 W. Second St., Dixon, $39,000.

Sheriff’s deeds

Lee County Sheriff Clayton T. Whelan to city of Dixon, 601 College Ave, Dixon, $17,275.

Lee County Sheriff Clayton T. Whelan , Joe Mallard, Servis One Inc. and BSI Financial Services to Rex Lasson, 735 Washington Ave., Dixon, $32,781.


Realtax Developers LTD to Central Illinois Real Estate Holdings LLC Series SH1, 430 Washington Ave., Amboy, $8,177.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

Bryan M. Roberson to Tyler J. Behrends and Morgan J. Shaw, 2655 E. state Route 72, Byron, $466,000.

Thomas and Debra Oracki to Cody Whitehead and Mike Hummemeier, 411 S. Oak Ave., Forreston, $186,500.

Fare Soldi LLC to Frances Olsen, 117 N. Main St., Creston, $183,000.

The late Richard S. Little by heirs AJ Homes LLC, to 3330 S Watertown Road, Oregon, $65,000.

Tony R. Zellers and Kim L. Serna to Daniel R. Hoffman, 1409 W. state Route 72, Byron, $236,000.

Margaret E. Rogers to Michelle M. Wilcox, 4942 and 4990 S. state Route 26, Polo, $195,000.

Ricker G. and Corrinne E. Bicker to Benjamin J. Hendricks, 310 E. River View Drive, Byron, $240,000.

Muhamet Ajvazi to Ed Hall, 506 S. Fourth St., Oregon, $80,000.

Robert L. and Kathleen E. Plaza to Luke A. Chernick and Mya E. Hildreth, 6187 N. Knoll Road, Davis Junction, $156,000.

Charles W. Middleton to Chelsea Erickson and Skyler Sarver, 103 E. South St., Creston, $8,000.

The late Victor J. Mercurio by heir to Michele S. Hopp, one parcel in Taylor Township, $0.

Thomas Hartnett III to Thomas Hartnett II, 851 N. 11th St., Rochelle, $61,360.

Matthew L. and Melissa N. Lance to Lucas J. and Katie L. Phillips, 7961 Bordeaux Drive, Grand Detour, $230,000.

Quit claim deed

Munteanu Holding LLC of Dixon to Oleg Gurevich, two parcels in Grand Detour Township, $0.

Trustees deeds

Trust 233, Chicago Title Land Trust Co., trustee, to Kickapoo Land LLC, two parcels in Rockvale Township, $1,553,814.

Wade-Wales Trust and the late H. Lucille Wales, Joyce Person, trustee, to Thomas A. and Kimberly A. Feary, 2794 S. Union Road, Polo, $238,624.

Executors deeds

Estate of Edward C. Giese and the late Edward C. Giese by executor to Paul L. and Twila M. Labay, 1220 S. Gale Road, Oregon, $290,000.

The late Robert F. Wesolowski by executor to Don K. and Barbara E. Koeller, 504 W. Fieldstone Court, Mt. Morris, $179,000.

Deeds in Trust

MCGP Farms Inc. to Justin and Lauren Wilhelms Trust, Justin and Lauren Wilhelms, trustees, one parcel in Flagg Township, $260,000.

Brian K. and Lori S. Smith to J and J Ebens Family Trust 818, Joseph J. and Julie A. Ebens, trustees, 204 Martin Ave., Oregon, $222,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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