Pastor’s Corner: One Community Praise Night brings Sauk Valley congregations together

Mike Sutcliffe

The Sauk Valley community gathered at Dixon High School on Nov. 19 for the 15th annual One Community Praise Night, and the atmosphere was one of deep unity.

This was more than just a meeting; it was a powerful demonstration of the church at work, a sincere expression of our worship of Jesus Christ.

Director Aaron Meeks, who also is the associate pastor of Rock Falls’ Harvest Time Bible Church, spoke movingly about the occasion, calling it a “taste of heaven on earth.”

This statement sums up the event so well: a group of people coming together as one body in Christ through shared worship of our savior, regardless of their affiliation with any particular church.

The worship team was drawn from seven local churches: Living Well (Dixon), Sauk Valley Community Church (Dixon), Harvest Time Bible Church (Rock Falls), Hope Bible Fellowship (Dixon), New Life Lutheran (Dixon), Church of the Nazarene (Sterling) and First United Methodist (Dixon).

A sense of intimacy was apparent in the Dixon High School auditorium, as it was almost filled to capacity. A wide range of people, including members of new and existing congregations, came together to worship as one.

We were a community bound together in faith and purpose in Christ, and in those moments, our differences vanished.

More than just a night of worship, this year’s One Community Praise Night was a public proclamation of the Sauk Valley church’s commitment to following Christ. As a united, loving and faith-filled body, we are showing the world that there are numerous ways to make a difference, and that includes worshipping God together.

As we reflect on the joy and fellowship of that night, we are reminded that our journey does not end here. The unity and spirit of cooperation we experienced are the foundations for our future endeavors. In the coming months, we plan to connect churches and ministries more closely, working together to serve our communities better. This event has shown us the power of unity in Christ and the incredible things we can achieve when we work together.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to everyone who came out to the One Community Praise Night and helped in any way. Your spirit and presence were very important in making this event a beautiful statement of our faith.

For those who wish to be part of this growing movement of unity and service, the 2024 One Community Praise Night offers an excellent opportunity. We encourage you to reach out to Aaron Meeks at Harvest Time Bible Church to learn more and to find out how you can contribute to this wonderful tradition.

As we reflect on the One Community Praise Night, let’s carry forward its spirit of unity, worship and service into our everyday lives.

This event is not just a singular moment of togetherness but a catalyst for ongoing growth and connection within the Sauk Valley community.

By actively participating in our local churches – Living Well, Sauk Valley Community Church, Harvest Time Bible Church, Hope Bible Fellowship, New Life Lutheran, First United Methodist and Church of the Nazarene, as well as other churches throughout the Sauk Valley – we each contribute to a community that embodies Christ’s love.

Let’s embrace this call to action, uniting in our efforts to serve and uplift one another and, in doing so, have a lasting, positive influence in our community and beyond.

  • Mike Sutcliffe is president of the Dixon Area Christian Ministers Association and is the pastor of Corner Fringe Ministries Dixon.
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