Grooming tips to get your pet ready for spring

Cedar Lane Kennels - Grooming tips to get your pet ready for spring

Longer days and warmer weather are almost upon us. Here are some grooming tips to help you get your furry friend ready to greet the spring season:

1. Wash

According to the American Kennel Club, baths should be regular. When bathing, use a mild shampoo formulated for dogs, lather, scrub and rinse your pet thoroughly with warm water.

2. Brush

Regular brushing will help remove loose hairs and flakes of dandruff, prevent tangles and mats, and distribute pets’ natural oils throughout their coats. The AKC recommends at least several brushing sessions a week to help pets neat and clean. And while brushing, the AKC said to check your pet’s skin carefully for cuts or scrapes, and burrs or other stubborn plant material which might have gotten entangled in the fur. It’s also important to use a brush that is intended for the coat of your dog breed.

3. Trim

Nails should be trimmed regularly, especially in the spring when pets are more likely to be outside running and playing. Not only can overgrown nails be uncomfortable, they can also snag and break off.

Looking for professional dog grooming services? Cedar Lane Kennels has more than 40 years of grooming experience, and provides pets with individualized care. Services include sculpted hand scissoring, precise clipper work, and thorough brush-outs with de-matting, as well as the use of premium shampoos which are tailored to your pet’s skin and coat needs.

In addition to superb grooming services, Cedar Lane Kennels offers exceptional boarding services and lively playtime choices.

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