How to host a pet-friendly community event

All Creatures Great & Small - How to host a pet-friendly community event

With the nice weather upon us, everyone wants to spend more time out and about, and pets are no exception. Looking to host a summer event that’s fun for both two-legged and four-legged friends? Here are some tips:

1. Determine a location

Will this be an indoor or outdoor event? If it’s the latter, keep an eye on the weather. If it’s mid-summer and sweltering, you may have to limit the time outdoors. If the event is indoors, check to ensure the venue is pet-friendly and that there is ample space for everyone to move around.

2. Provide some amenities

Whether indoors or outdoors, keeping pets hydrated is key. To that end, make sure to have multiple water bowls and fresh water on hand. If outdoors on a sunny day, create a shaded space for both furry friends and their human sidekicks to retreat to if needed. Encourage attendees to bring waste bags to keep the area tidy, and make sure there are trash cans available to dispose of those bags properly. What’s a party without refreshments? Consider having healthy dog treats available.

3. Create activities

Pet-friendly events will be more fun if there are activities planned. Consider making toys available for playing fetch, or setting up an obstacle course. Avoid loud music and fireworks, which can be overwhelming to canine friends.

4. Communicate effectively

Make sure to communicate to pet parents what they should bring to the event and any ground rules. For instance, pets may need to stay on a leash. Additionally, if children will be attending, make sure guests know, as some pets are not used to being around young ones and could act out negatively.

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