Why you should make grooming a priority for your pet

Cedar Lane Kennels

When it comes to grooming, maintaining a regular schedule goes beyond just having a photo-op ready pet. Consistency also helps maintain your furry friend’s overall well-being. Here are three reasons why pet parents should make grooming a priority:

1. Aids in early detection of health issues

Having your furry friend’s body checked during regular grooming sessions can help detect potential skin and health issues, such as infections, lumps, and rashes. If medical issues are found early enough, your pet has a better chance to experience a full recovery. At the Downers Grove-based Cedar Lane Kennels, you will find a team of professional groomers who enjoy providing pets with a day of one-on-one pampering.

2. Promotes proper regrowth of the coat

Regular grooming helps loosen dead hair, remove dirt, prevent matting, promote healthy blood circulation, and stimulate new hair growth. Additionally, brushing aids in the distribution of your pet’s natural oils, leading to a healthier and shinier coat. Cedar Lane Kennels offers sculpted hand scissoring, precise clipper work, and thorough brush-outs with de-matting, as well as premium shampoos which are customized to a dog’s needs.

3. Offers socialization opportunities

Regular grooming sessions are a great way to help pets learn how to interact with other humans and animals. Because every dog is different, the Cedar Lane Kennels team adjusts body language, voices, and stature to enable your dog can relax whether they are there for the day or a longer period of time. Pet owners want the very best for their furry friends, and that’s what they will find at Cedar Lane Kennels.

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