Being a Caregiver is Scary and Stressful on Family

You get a call or a text message. Something has happened to mom or dad. Now it begins. The family begins asking who will take care of your parent. You quickly find out health insurance and Medicare, including supplements, won’t pay for the care.

Now what?

“It is a scary situation that too many families in America face. However, families that own affordable Long-Term Care Insurance discover they will have the guaranteed tax-free benefits to use for either care at home or a facility, like assisted living,” said Matt McCann, a nationally known expert on LTC Insurance and planning. “When there is no LTC policy in place, the crisis starts, and that brings fear and conflict.”

McCann says families can avoid the stress and burden of long-term care by preparing their family and finances for the financial costs and burdens of aging.

“Many people are not aware that Long-Term Care Insurance pays for home care. It also pays for adult day care, memory care, assisted living, and nursing homes. The benefits give you access to your choice of quality care. The policy also gives loved one’s time to be family. Planning avoids the stress and fear,” McCann added.

Long-Term Care Insurance is custom designed and affordable for most people, but McCann recommends planning when you are younger and healthier, ideally in your 40s or 50s.

“Premiums can vary over 100%, so working with a trusted and experienced specialist is essential,” McCann said. “Most of my clients are very pleased when they find out how easy and affordable a policy can be. Once they get one in place they also enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing they will be in control, and their family won’t have to stop their lives and become caregivers.”

McCann, licensed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, has a unique process that allows an individual or couple to view his computer screen on their own computer or tablet while conversing with him on the phone. It is an easy and pressure-free way to learn and compare all the options from all the companies.

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“Don’t wait till you have limited choices. Also, don’t assume that the policies are too expensive. Most agents and advisors tend to only work with one or two insurance companies and have little experience in policy design, underwriting, claims, and other factors that go into long-term care planning,” McCann said.

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