Suburban Life Athlete of the Week: Morgan Navarre, York, track and field, sophomore

York sophomore Morgan Navarre

Name: Morgan Navarre

School: York, sophomore

Sport: Track and field

Why she was selected: Navarre won the Class 3A 400-meter dash in a school record time of 57.77 seconds at the Illinois Top Times meet. She was voted the Athlete of the Week in an online vote.

Here is her Q&A with Sports Editor Joshua Welge.

How did you feel about the race? Was the record a mark you were targeting?

Navarre: I didn’t really have a goal time. My goal for the race was to win. Two weeks prior, my goal was to break the record at York so I got it that time in the York field house.

I saw that you also scored five goals for the lacrosse team last week. Have you always done both sports? How do you balance the commitments?

Navarre: I have been doing both lacrosse and track since freshman year. I play it week by week when it comes to balancing practices and games/meets. It comes down to what’s most important that week typically.

How did you get into track?

Navarre: I always knew I liked sprinting while playing other sports when I was younger. I really started track in high school, though.

So the 400 is a tough race. What do you like about it?

Navarre: I think the 400 is the perfect sprint distance for me because I can endure. My favorite part of the 400 is the end stretch where I focus on finishing strong.

Have you played any other sports? Is there a sport you tried that you weren’t good at?

Navarre: I played a lot of sports when I was younger. The most recent one that I stopped playing was basketball in middle school. After that it’s just been track and lacrosse. I would say golf or bowling are definitely my worst sports.

It being spring break week, what’s a place you haven’t visited that you’d like to?

Navarre: A place I would love to visit is Greece.

Do you know your college plans yet? Do you plan to run track? Do you know what you want to study?

Navarre: I currently do not know if I either want to play lacrosse or run track in college. I’m keeping my options open and I’m excited for this recruiting year. I’m unsure of my major also.

Joshua  Welge

Joshua Welge

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