Suburban Life Athlete of the Week: Stella Kohl, York, basketball, junior

York senior Stella Kohl

Name: Stella Kohl

School: York, junior

Sport: Basketball

Why she was selected: Kohl had 14 points, six rebounds and two blocked shots in York’s 50-42 win over Maine South, snapping the Hawks’ 16-game winning streak. She was selected Athlete of the Week in an online vote. Here is her interview with Sports Editor Joshua Welge.

Welge: What did that Maine South win mean for your team? What did you learn about your team with that win?

Kohl: It was a win that showed us we could not only play with a top team, but beat a top team, which we hadn’t been able to do prior to the Maine South game. I’d say I learned just how well our team works together and plays for one another.

Welge: How is the season going otherwise?

Kohl: The season has been good so far, but up until the Maine South game, we hadn’t been able to pull off a win against some of the top teams.

Welge: Your team’s style of pressing defense – how hard is it to play? How fun is it to play? How do you practice it?

Kohl: I love our defense. It’s all about communication and working with one another. It’s super fun to play because of how involved everyone is during every part of the possession.

Welge: How has your game developed in the last year?

Kohl: I’ve become a lot more confident this year in comparison to last year. I take a lot more shots and drive to the basket 10 times more. On the defensive end, along with most of my teammates, I feel a lot more comfortable in knowing where to be and when.

Welge: You play soccer, too. How do you balance those commitments and how does soccer help you in basketball?

Kohl: I try to balance soccer and basketball as best I can. But in the winter, my main focus is basketball, so I do miss some soccer practices. Soccer helps with my basketball specifically in my vision on the court.

Welge: What’s your favorite sports team? Favorite athlete?

Kohl: I’d say my favorite sports team is the Cubs, but my favorite athlete is Jimmy Butler. Ever since I was little he’s been my favorite.

Welge: What’s your favorite subject in school?

Kohl: Probably English, just because there is no specific right or wrong answer.

Welge: Favorite TV show or movie?

Kohl: My favorite movie is probably “Pitch Perfect.”

Joshua  Welge

Joshua Welge

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