What’s Love Got To Do With Mental Health?

Safe Harbor Counseling - What’s Love Got To Do With Mental Health?

There are many attitudes and behaviors associated with love, including patience, kindness, thoughtfulness, humility, forgiveness, and honesty. People show love with their actions by protecting, trusting, hoping, and never giving up. When the goal is to achieve what is best for another person, love doesn’t fail.

“Parents who love their children require healthy routines taught with kindness,” explained Dr. Beth Plachetka, LCSW, EdD and owner of Safe Harbor Counseling. “They protect them from activities that could be physically or socially dangerous. They forgive mistakes while requiring change.”

According to Dr. Beth, teachers who love their students require successful student behaviors. “Teachers help build skills to increase students’ independence and critical thinking,” she said. “They also reinforce the hierarchy of respect, allowing students to respect themselves as well.” Similarly, employers who love their employees communicate clear expectations and provide feedback. They respect employees’ input and encourage participation in outcomes, building competence and confidence.

“Spouses who love their partner consider their partner’s needs and preferences, along with their own, when making decisions,” added Dr. Beth. “They share information about physical, social, emotional, and financial safety. They come to trust that neither is alone in the outcome of their decisions.”

Police and firefighters who love their community protect people, even putting their own safety on the line. Clergy who love their congregation tell the truth about life and love even if parishioners may become uncomfortable. Each group brings safety from physical, social, emotional, or spiritual harm.

“In each scenario, love is expressed by wanting what is best for the recipient, including safety, independence, predictability, success, protection, and honesty, even if it costs the person emotionally or financially,” said Dr. Beth. “Mental health is built through self-awareness, consideration of others, self-regulation, self-discipline, participation in community, and caring for each other for the good of the other. That’s what love has to do with mental health.”

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