Yo Joan! It’s February and time to bare your sole!

The month of love is here! Whether you’re in love or looking for it, here’s an exercise to get you moving in the right direction. It involves your cute little tootsies. So take off your socks and let’s have some fun playing footsie in February!

Sit in a comfortable chair. Cross the right leg over the left and let your right knee fall out to the side.

Bring your left hand to the right foot. Interlace your fingers with your toes. Feel the stretch in your toes when you do this.

As you hold your foot in this way, rotate the ankle. Slow rotations. Inhale slowly in one full circle. Then reverse the direction and exhale slowly in a full circle of the foot.

Continue this for several breaths. As your breath calms and lengthens, increase to two slow rotations on the inhale and two slow rotations in the opposite direction on the exhale.

After some time with this foot, release your hold and change feet. Cross your left leg over the right. Bring your right hand to the left foot and here we go again!

Interlace your fingers with the toes of the left foot and begin slow breaths and rotations of this foot and ankle.

No rush. Lengthen your breaths. Slow your movements down.

Watch if any negative self-talk gets in your way. For example, maybe you’re not able to cross your legs – try putting them up on a chair or ottoman. Maybe you’re not able to interlace your fingers with your toes – change self-criticism to simple loving rotations of your ankles and toes. Maybe you’re not able to move your feet at all – visualize the movement with your breath. Close your eyes and visualize. Slow deep breaths.

Everything is possible – it’s the month of love! Here’s to creative energies soaring. You deserve a hand … to your feet! Take a bow. BRAVO!

Joan Budilovsky can be reached at Her website is She’s a nationally certified massage therapist and author of the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Massage.”