New restaurants along with dance club, hotel suites set to open in Arcada Theatre building

People dropping by the Arcada Theatre building in downtown St. Charles in the coming weeks will not only be able to hear live music, they also will be able to dine at the venue’s two new restaurants and stay overnight at The Arcadian Suites.

Or they could dance the night away at Studio 64, a new club in the Arcada Theatre building.

The improvements are part of a major renovation project that is nearing completion in the building that houses the historic theater and its sister operation, Club Arcada.

The two new restaurants – Rock ‘N Za and Rock ‘N Ravioli – are expected to open in the next few weeks.

“Rock ‘N Ravioli will open in the next six to eight weeks and Rock ‘N Za will open in the next two weeks,” said Ron Onesti, president and founder of Onesti Entertainment, which operates the Arcada Theatre and Club Arcada along with the other ventures.

Rock ‘N Za restaurant will sell wood-fired pizza, salads and Chicago-style hot dogs.

Rock ‘N Ravioli will feature some of Onesti’s homemade recipes, including chicken vesuvio ravioli and braised beef ravioli.

Studio 64 is a reference to the former disco nightclub in New York City, Onesti said.

Studio 64 is located in the space that previously served as the Arcada Theatre building’s VIP lounge.

“Since we’re on Route 64, we’re calling it Studio 64,” Onesti said. “It will probably open as a dance club in the next four weeks. We’re doing special events there right now.”

He thinks the dance club will prove to be popular.

“I think St. Charles and the area could use that,” Onesti said. “People love to dance. We’re just expanding on the dance aspect.”

The Arcadian Suites will contain 11 suites. Each suite will have a music theme.

“It’s my increased commitment to provide one-of-a-kind experiences,” Onesti said.

He had hoped the renovation project would have been completed a few months ago, but supply chain problems and labor shortages have delayed the project’s completion.

“It’s been a challenge,” Onesti said. “We’ve had trouble getting the materials to finish the projects. We’ve also had labor problems, finding people to be servers, busboys and dishwashers. Hopefully in the next 120 days we’ll have all the restaurants and the hotel open.”

The Arcada Theatre and Club Arcada were able to reopen last year after being closed more than a year because of the pandemic.

Onesti said people are even more enthusiastic these days about hearing live music.

“People who are coming to the shows are appreciating live music in a way they never have,” Onesti said. “People are more emotional and passionate about live music than ever.”

The historic building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, first opened its doors in 1926 and attracted performers such as George Burns and Gracie Allen.