Louis Goode
Louis Goode

A former Will County judge’s son – who evaded the law twice by fleeing the state – was released from jail on Wednesday afternoon after posting bond, jail records show.

Judge Dan Rippy set a $750,000 bond for Louis Goode, 35, in response to a request from Goode’s attorney George Lenard to set a bond for his client. When a warrant was issued for Goode’s arrest, no bond was set for him, which prevents his release from jail.

Goode was charged in 2018 with abusing his ex-wife, whom he was previously convicted of attacking in 2014.

Shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday, Goode was released from jail after posting 10% of his new bond, according to the Will County jail log.

Rippy ordered Goode to stay confined to the home of his mother – former Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes – after posting bond, according to Will County State’s Attorney spokeswoman Carole Cheney.

Goode was ordered not to leave his mother's house for any reason except for court, medical care or to attend psychological or drug treatment classes, Cheney said. He would also have to wear a GPS monitoring device, she said.

Lenard said he requested Goode’s bond be set at $50,000. He said he couldn’t comment when asked if Goode’s case would go to trial.

A warrant was signed for Goode's arrest on Aug. 23, 2019, after he initially showed up to the courthouse for drug testing in his domestic battery case but then took off, court records show.

After five months, Goode was apprehended March 13 in Colorado.

Before Goode could be taken to Illinois, he had to first be transported to Missouri because of his criminal case in that state, police said. Deputies picked up Goode in Missouri after he was released from prison sentence in that state, Cheney said.

Goode was taken to jail Aug. 20.

In 2018, Goode was a fugitive for more than a month when he was wanted on the domestic battery charge. He eventually surrendered to the Will County Sheriff's Office after flying to Illinois from Texas.

U.S. Marshals helped deputies locate Goode in Texas and found out he was flying to Illinois, police said.

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