October 03, 2022

My life has changed in many ways. I greatly miss my much-loved husband of 63 years. There have been other decisions and adjustments too.

Representation matters in higher education because it allows students to accomplish two things: encounter individuals who are different from them, many for the first time, and it allows them to discover their true authentic identity.

Many thanks to everyone in the community who shopped and supported the Oswego Country Market on Sunday mornings on Main Street.

Divine Love would not have given us a unique, unrepeatable soul and spirit in this exquisitely complex body to simply wait for it to be over so we can go somewhere where everything is perfect, all the time.

President Biden won the 2020 election decisively with a strong majority supporting his moderate plans for rebuilding America and with stronger alliances to solve world problems.

Our scenic roads west of Route 47 between Yorkville and Morris traverse moraine and Illinois River valley hills and curves.