Letter: ‘A planet encased in fear’

Typewritter, letter to the editor

How do trees know how to extend their roots into the ground and lift their branches to the sky? How do they know that in spring they start to bud and produce leaves, fruits and flowers? In the fall, they shed their foliage and go to sleep for their long winter’s nap.

How does a bee know how to make honey? How does a bird know how to build a nest and nurture the eggs and babies when they hatch? How do the oceans know how to ebb and flow with the tides? How does the sky know to be the color blue? How does a seed know if it should become a flower, a herb, a vegetable, a fruit or a tree? How do animals know how to give birth to their young ones and then feed them with their milk? How does a star know how to shine?

They know because they know God. Unfortunately, the human species are the ones that have forgotten this cosmic energy that permeates all of the planets and universes. Please follow that love and let go of fears.

We have become a planet encased in fear, which has been orchestrated by a few individuals who worship power and money. Remember our source, let go, let God.

Dee Philiph

New Lenox