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Letter: Healing the party

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To the Editor:

To the Editor:

Trump is ripping apart the GOP, burning down our democracy by coercing and bullying people to follow him down the rabbit hole. These sycophants are afraid he will continue to try to stay in front of his deceived base and the dark-side podcasts hurting their re-election prospects.

Ordinarily a president is more or less ignored by a legal entity since they no longer have any power and declining influence. To stop the destruction of the GOP and the erosion of the Constitution, the FBI and the states must continue their investigations and indictments of Trump.

Even with pardons, the FBI should continue their investigation into Trump, his family and cohorts. A pardon prevents an arrest, indictment and trial on the pardoned crime. However, it means they have to state fully their crime when questioned or else it is an obstruction of justice and if they lie, it is perjury. The truth or the crimes will destroy his ability to lead most of his followers.

The states’can get Trump on income tax evasion, perjury on tax forms and financial documents. Georgia can be added to the list of states since Trump has been taped trying to secure vote fraud, which is a federal and state crime. Today they can add incitement to riot.

Unlike Adolph Hitler, Trump’s power and influence would quickly decline, allowing the Republican Party and the country to heal. Locking him away would prevent another president from abusing power. This aberration must not be allowed to ever happen again.

Chuck Johnson