LocalLit book preview: ‘Eva’s Heart’ encourages people to hold fast to their dreams

Illinois author based picture book on her experiences with adopting a rescue dog

In 2017, I wrote a story for The Herald-News about the release of Sue Milo’s first book: “Eva’s Heart.”

On the face of it, “Eva’s Heart” is a children’s book of how one rejected shelter dog finally found a permanent home with Milo. But Milo said in the 2017 story she wanted to encourage people of all ages to believe in their dreams and never give up on love.

I recently came across a review copy of “Eva’s Heart” that Milo had given me during our interview. It’s this book I’ll be reviewing in Tuesday’s LocalLit newsletter.

Here is the book’s Amazon description: “Eva’s heart has been dreaming of the day she will meet her forever mom. She knows the day is coming when they’ll be together at last.”

Here is Milo’s biography: “On a small farm in rural Illinois, a little girl had puppies, kitties, ponies, and ducklings. Whenever her little heart was sad, she ran to the barn to sing and hold her furry friends. Today, Sue’s love of animals has grown, and she helps abandoned animals find loving forever homes.”

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