Oklahoma officials confirm suspect in Romeoville slayings died by suicide

Police officers stage outside a home on the 500 block of Concord Avenue where police found the bodies of two adults and two children with gunshot wounds on Monday, Sept. 18, in Romeoville.

The Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Oklahoma confirmed that the suspect in the slaying of a Romeoville family died by suicide after he was fleeing from police.

On Wednesday, details about the death of Nathaniel Huey Jr., 32, of Streamwood, were released by the medical examiner’s office in Oklahoma.

The office said Huey died by suicide from a gunshot wound to the head. The death investigation of Huey was initiated Sept. 20 and finalized Wednesday.

Huey was identified last September as the suspect in the murders of Zoraida Bartolomei, 32, her husband, Alberto Rolon, 38, and their two sons, ages 7 and 9, in their home in the 500 block of Concord Avenue in Romeoville.

Huey’s girlfriend, Ermalinda Palomo, 50, also reportedly died in Oklahoma, said her family’s attorney, JohnPaul Ivec. The medical examiner’s office in Oklahoma did not provide details on Palomo’s death.

In December, Romeoville police officials revealed that Palomo had known about Huey’s intent to kill the Rolon-Bartolomei family, and she was involved in the planning of it.

Bartolomei was in a relationship with Huey, and this was known to Rolon and Palomo, police said.

“Evidence indicates Palomo had prior knowledge of Huey Jr.’s intent to commit the murders, was involved in the planning and drove the vehicle to the crime scene,” police said.