3 Reasons Why Your Children Should Be in Summer Gymnastics, Tumbling, or Cheer

Sterling Park District - 3 Reasons Why Your Children Should Be in Summer Gymnastics, Tumbling, or Cheer

The terrific summer programs offered by the Sterling Park District provide wonderful benefits for your children. Here are three reasons why they should participate in summer gymnastics, tumbling, or cheer at the Duis Center.

1. Develop Motor Skills and Coordination

Children aren’t born with high levels of coordination; they develop these skills through practice. Classes at the Duis Center are excellent for enhancing motor skills and coordination. Through gymnastics and tumbling, children learn to control their body, improve balance, and gain spatial awareness. Early mastery of these complex skills enhances their overall learning abilities, mobility, and posture. Participating in these activities also helps build the architecture of their brain, creating positive, lasting memories.

2. Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem

Gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer programs at the Duis Center provide opportunities for children to set goals, work hard, and achieve milestones. Learning new skills and overcoming challenges builds immense confidence and fosters a sense of accomplishment and a positive self-image. Each milestone reached is a testament to their hard work, boosting their self-esteem.

3. Have Fun and Make Friends

Kids naturally love to run, jump, climb, and try new things. The Duis Center’s classes are packed with fun activities that help children grow stronger, both mentally and physically. These sessions are filled with laughter and excitement, providing an ideal environment for children to socialize and make friends. They will meet other aspiring gymnasts and cheerleaders, share experiences, and create lasting memories together.

With a variety of class dates and times, keeping your children engaged during the summer has never been easier. Sign up at sterlingparks.org, or call the Duis Center for more information at (815) 622-6200. Give your children the gift of fun, friendship, and lifelong skills this summer!

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