Piloxing on The Rock

The Piloxing workout from 7:24 Fitness is a fusion of Pilates, boxing, and dance moves. It’s an intense 45-minute workout that will have you sweating, shaking, and burning calories long after you walk out the door.

The beauty of this high-energy fusion workout is that it increases muscle tone while simultaneously speeding up your metabolism, helping you lose weight faster.

Why is it good for you?

If you want to shape your arms, firm up your thighs, tighten your tush, and whittle down that waistline, Piloxing is the exercise solution for you. It’s more effective than exercising three separate parts of your body because it simultaneously tones, sculpts, and burns fat from every angle. Yet no complicated dance moves are involved because the beauty of Piloxing is its simplicity.

Why I like it

The goal of Piloxing is to create a well-rounded workout that targets your entire body all at once, so you burn fat faster and tone every part of your body. The choreography comes in 4 Piloxing formats:

  • Piloxing SSP
  • Piloxing Barre
  • Piloxing Booty
  • “Mix by Piloxing”

The cardio boxing movements with Pilate’s principles give you an effective full-body workout. It’s also easy to follow, and you can do it without any equipment other than a towel because no dumbbells are involved.

Who should try it?

This workout is perfect if you’re short on time and want to get maximum results in a minimal amount of time. Heart-pumping and fun, Piloxing is a dynamic cardio-boxing conditioning workout you’ll love doing.

Piloxing workout fuses cardio, boxing, and Pilates moves into one powerful calorie torcher that will have you dripping in sweat while whittling down trouble spots and increasing muscle tone all over your body. This no-weight workout is perfect for losing weight fast with its simplicity and intensity.

Piloxing is one of the best things you can do for your body. Call 815-564-9000 today to build a solid foundation for a healthier you on the Rock.

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