3 Things to Know When Choosing Glasses

Is it time to replace your lenses in your glasses, or should you upgrade to a different style? Of course, there are benefits to purchasing a new frame, but there are also practical reasons for reusing what you already have and use.

UseMyFrame.com recommends that you ask yourself the following questions before deciding whether to change your frame or have new lenses made for it:

1) Do I use this frame often?

Swapping the lenses out and replacing them with new ones is an excellent idea if you like your current frames. You’ll continue to wear something familiar and comfortable without paying for new frames.

2) Is this frame in good condition?

If you can’t adjust them to fit your face, or the nose pads fall off every time you wear them, it’s safe to say that they’re not holding up well. If your answer is no, the best choice might be to buy a new pair of glasses altogether. Replacing broken or damaged frames is usually the better option. However, there may be options available that allow you to recycle your old lenses into new frames.

3) Is my prescription accurate?

The best way to find out is through an eye exam or optician. It’s best to double-check your prescription for the highest quality lenses possible. If your prescription is wrong, it could lead to other issues down the road. It makes sense to buy a new pair of glasses rather than use the lenses in your current frame.

If you answered yes to these questions, you should have no problem wearing the same frames with a new set of lenses. This affordable option might be your best choice because it saves you the time and expense of finding a different frame.

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