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Letter: Progress under assault by Christian nationalists

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To the Editor:

America’s essence is embodied in the unique genius of our origin: a secular state, free of religious superstitions, beliefs and dogmas. Inspired and impelled by Enlightenment ideals of secular progress, pluralism, tolerance, science and reason, our nation gradually (although, usually, begrudgingly) expanded and embodied our ideals of liberty and freedom.

Unbelievably and shamefully, our hard-fought and won progress, recognizing rights and freedoms previously denied, is under vicious assault by a curious cult: Christian nationalists. In absolute antagonism to freedom of religion and the necessary corollary, freedom from religion, these righteous folk feel they are fulfilling the Fathers’ will for America by Christianizing its government, laws and society.

Basically, it’s the Puritans back with a vengeance, even on steroids. Most alarming and expected of such religious reactionaries, these Christian warriors are anything but Christian, embodying and spewing much more hate than love and showing no compassion.

Today we reap the whirlwind, as a menacing minority of religious reactionaries are taking us way back in time and destroying America’s genius.

John Eades