Dixon native and her rescue dog Henry starring in family comedy, streaming now

DIXON – Nuzzles is a dog with an uncanny canine ability: Thanks to an encounter with a leprechaun, he sheds money. When his family starts to spend it like they got it, their nosy IRS agent neighbor gets suspicious, then nabs Nuzzles. Time for the twins to get him back, and save their family, which in the end, it turns out, is more important than any amount of money.

If this sound like the plot of one of those iconic ‘70s family films, you’d be partly right.

“The Furry Fortune,” a feature-length comedy out this week on multiple streaming platforms, stars Henry, one of the handsomest dogs you ever did see, and even includes a part for his owner and trainer, Dixon native Courtney Moore, who was his handler during filming.

You can spot her in the trailer playing a TV reporter.

Moore moved to L.A. about 11 years ago to pursue an acting career, and has appeared in films such as “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” and the TV show “Mysteries of the Unexplained.”

About five years ago, she adopted the photogenic Henry, saving him from a kill shelter. His career also has blossomed – he’s been a model for a dog food ad and appeared for other pooch-related products.

The movie, in fact, is about showcasing rescue animals as well as the importance of family, and is based on the book of the same name by D. Goode Morgan. It’s directed by Justin Ward, a vegan and self-proclaimed animal lover.

One of its stars animal activist Burt Ward, 78, better know as the Robin to the late Adam West’s Batman in the 1960s TV series. Ward and his wife, Tracy, run the national nonprofit Gentle Giants Rescue and Adoptions shelter.

Production on the movie wrapped up two years ago, and it was released Tuesday.

Go to https://furryfortunemovie.com/ or find it on Facebook for more information and ways to watch.

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Kathleen Schultz

Kathleen A. Schultz

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