Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed July 14-21

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

Rick A. and Tamara S. Mills to Robert W. Smith, 1801 English St., Rock Falls, $145,000.

309 Homes LLC to Ronald E. Zinke, 28931 Bell Road, Rock Falls, $155,000.

Leopoldo Velazquez and M. Isabel Gonzalez to Carlos and Elaine Lucas, 1111 Ave. J, Sterling, $30,000.

Merlyn E. Book Trust and Joyce E. Book, Joyce E. Book, trustee, to John I. and Barbara R. Neahring, one parcel on Penrose Road, Sterling, $368.

Mubashir Zuberi, also Moby, to to Adim and Sanela Dzeladini, 1615 Fourth St., Fulton, $100,000.

Kalyan Investments LLC to Sheldon and Alicia Sowers, 2304 Oak St., Rock Falls, $210,000.

Jerolene Pearce Estate, Pamela S. Plautz and Dennis H. and Cecil L. Pearce to Kenneth L. and Donita F. Ringle, 517 Sunset Drive, Prophetstown, $135,101.

Jody and Sherri Moeller to Cody and Shantel Latino, 28451 Logan Drive, Rock Falls, $160,000.

Cody V. and Shantel Latino to Jamison and Savannah Delafuente, 601 W. 13th St., Sterling, $131,000.

Thomas P. Sweeney to Tammy Gibbons and Casmere Greenwood, 621 16th Ave., Sterling, $76,500.

Carol E. Spears Estate and Billy J. and Raymond J. Spears to Matthew S. Weets, 611 Buttercup Lane, Prophetstown, $95,000.

Gina L. Epperly, formerly Slocum and Temple, to Ryan L. and Catherine A. Slocum, 5615 Ridgeview Road, Erie, $125,000.

Mark Allen Lafaver to Randy B. Becker, one parcel on South 10th Avenue, Albany, $5,000.

Robert L. and Penny A. Duncan to Quinton Douglas and Abrianna Hale, 307 W. 10th St., Sterling, $134,000.

Patrick Roddy and Courtney Klos to Olivia Rodriguez, 506 Pleasant St., Rock Falls, $56,600.

Ronald F. Coplan to Buckwalter Properties LTD, 114 E. Main St., Morrison, $120,000.

Otis M. Varden and Jonathon M. Hurd to Circle Drive Properties LLC, 605 Ave B, Sterling, $0.

Quit claim deeds

Lavetta M. Griffis to Sherrie A. Fuller, 502 Third Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Jody M. and Maggie A. Young to Thome Road Storage LLC, 30809 E. Thome Road, Rock Falls, $0.

Jody M. and Maggie A. Young to Rock Falls Route 30 Storage LLC, 922 E. Rock Falls Road, Rock Falls, $0.

Trustees deeds

Mary Jean Wiersema Trust to Korey S. and Brandi J. Vandyke, 27168 Pilgrim Road, Sterling, $280,000.

Clarence A. Linke III Living Trust, Megan C. Linke, trustee, to Joseph C. Swanson, 604 N. Cherry St., Morrison, $85,000.

Prescott Family Trust to Extreme Properties IL LLC, 1910 E. Fourth St. (Jim Prescott’s BBQ Shop), Sterling, $479,000.

Prescott Family Trust to Extreme Properties IL LLC, 406 19th Ave., Sterling, $111,000.

Executors deed

Francis J. McNinch Estate to Joseph P. McDonald, warehouse at 801 Ave C, Rock Falls, $105,000.


RCF 2 Acquisition Trust, US Bank, trustee, to Shaun Cowman, 311 Ninth Ave., Sterling, $87,500.

Jackie L. and Melissa Abell and Whiteside County clerk to Trust No. 22 23 101 002, Whiteside County, trustee, 305 S. Main St., Tampico, $0 (tax sale).

Kemar McKenzie and Whiteside County clerk to Trust No. 22 15 432 003, Whiteside County, trustee, one parcel on North Washington Street and West Second Street in Tampico, $0 (tax sale).

David, Joseph and Charles Kulas and Whiteside County clerk to Trust No. 17 02 133 003, Whiteside County, trustee, one parcel on Yeoward Street, Rock Falls, $0 (tax sale).

David A. Wolf and Whiteside county Clerk to Trust No. 15 16 483 003, Whiteside County, trustee, 105 W. Second Ave., Lyndon, $ (tax sale).

Leon Walton and Whiteside County clerk to Trust No. 15 16 427 007, Whiteside County, trustee, 409 E. Commercial St., Lyndon, $0 (tax sale).

Henry Weaks and Alan J. Kessel and Whiteside County clerk to Trust No. 15 15 176 011, Whiteside County, trustee, 9628 Pine Drive, lot 65, Lyndon, $0 (tax sale).

INOC LLC and Whiteside County clerk to Trust No. 11 22 312 002, Whiteside County, trustee, one parcel on East Fourth Street, Sterling, $0 (tax sale).

Jim R. and Marcia E. Beaman and Whiteside County clerk to Trust No. 01 28 451 015, Whiteside County, trustee, one parcel on 16th Avenue, Fulton, $0 (tax sale).

Mak Auto Sales and Rentals LLC, Kristi Fleetwood and Whiteside County clerk to Trust No. 01 22 100 027, Whiteside County, trustee, 5425 Schafer Road, Fulton, $0 (tax sale).

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

Dennis M. and Darlene M. Peterson to Caroline A. Roe, 322 Park St., Dixon, $170,000.

Sherry A. Garrison to Jamie D. and Samantha J. Harris, 1516 Old Mill Road, Franklin Grove, $0.

Jasper Farms LLC to Rebecca Jasper and Rhonda Hoffman, 1762 state Route 38, Franklin Grove, $57,500.

Hvarre Holdings LLC to Barbara L. Breneisen, 1707 W. River St., Dixon, $0.

Brian and Dina Stupec to Justin Jones, 416 Clark St., Paw Paw, $123,000.

Irene D. James and Terry Lynn Harden to Steven Harden, 418 W. Graham St., Dixon, $75,000.

Roy L. Schmall to David J. Bajic, 2303 W. Third St., Dixon, $324,000.

Richard A. and Betty J. Cover to Thomas E. Tener and Kimberley Dawn Gilardin, 2203 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $119,000.

Robert L. Hahn to David M. and Kristen M. Thomas, 2745 Shaw Road, Compton, $195,000.

Susan Kelley to Patsy J. and Robert B. Nichols, 1228 Edwards Road, Amboy, $220,000.

Nicholas P. Renne to David and Amanda Crost, 213 E. Chamberlin St., Dixon, $203,000.

Melissa K. Forster, also Mehrens, to Ermir Ramadani, 689 Squirrel Chase Road, Dixon, $31,500.

Carman Brown to Christopher and Leslie A. Avalos, block 29, lot 134, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $30,000.

John A. Giza Jr. to Salam Aref, block 19, lot 77, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $20,000.

Steve and Theresa A. Tyler to Mara Gudino and Maria Carmen Cabral, block 10, lot 313, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $13,500.

Wendal Holman to Jose Luis Velasco-Lopez and Veronica M. Velasco, block 10, lot 49, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,000.

Cristina Gonzalez to Ignacio and Jennifer N. Correa, block 24, lot 223, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $14,750.

Quit claim deeds

Robert and Barbara Brachle to Jennifer and Joshua Sherwood, block 22, lot 157, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $2,500.

Fernando, Blanca, Liliana and Arnoldo Lagos to Fernando Lagos III, block 13, lot 132, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Equity One Investment Fund LLC to Ted’s Vintage Treasures LLC, 1351 Steward Road, Steward, $35,000.

Ryder Whitehead to Clifford and Heather Collins, 909 Hermon Road, Harmon, $0.

Trustees deeds

Harrison Family Trust and Andrew Harrison to Cheryl Kapacinskas and David, Christopher and Jacqueline Harrison, one parcel in Nachusa Township, $0.

Beverly and Milton Sabel Revocable Trust, Michael W. Sabel, trustee, to Ricardas and Ramute Sileikis, block 5, lot 42, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $26,500.

Executors deed

Dorothy L. Noble and Catherine Klein to Shady Pines LLC, 137 W. Division St. and 136 W. Pleasant St., Amboy, $73,000.

Sheriff’s deed

Lee County sheriff to The Woodhaven Association, block 26, lot 145, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,000.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

Roush Services LLC to Patricia A. Rousch, 20895 E. state Route 64, Lindenwood, $0.

Melinda K. Meyer to Kaleb James and Jubilee Joy Kennay, 5890 S. Centerview Drive, Rochelle, $400,000.

Gene Alan and Krissa Jill Myrda to Paul William Bugna, 6896 S. Sarah Ave., Rochelle, $171,900.

Peggy S. Benford to Robyn Franklin, 7361 N Oak Drive, Stillman Valley, $199,000.

Vidal Lopez Ruiz to Stephanie and Mitzy Cardenas and Alejandro Ramos, 126 Jeffrey Ave., Rochelle, $138,000.

Jarrett and Elizabeth Theodora Priller to Magen Ryan Cyrier, 301 S. Fifth St., Oregon, $129,000.

Scott Watson to Shawn Gates, 1213 W. First Ave., Rochelle, $10,500.

Haywell LLC Westwood to Scott Watson, 1213 W. First Ave., Rochelle, $6,500.

The late Gail E. Larson by heirs to Allison Browning, 625 Mill Ridge Drive, Byron, $150,000.

Thomas C. Palmgren to James R. Chisholm and Sara R. Guttenberg, 483 Mill Ridge Drive, Byron, $138,000.

Adam and Ann Vickery to Paul and Nancy Artwohl, 8671 N. Bluejay Lane, Byron, $261,800.

Toni Buys Homes LLC to Charles and Allison Hawkins, 3068 E. Everett Lane, Byron, $175,000.

David B. and Sheryl A. Casey to Thomas A. and Marjorie J. Meadows Trust, 1133 N. Seventh St., Unit 702, Rochelle, $108,000.

Keith R. and Susan T. Mavity to Paul T. Durham Declaration Trust, Paul T. Durham, trustee, 8668 N. Yosemite Drive, Byron, $130,000.

Miguel Rojas Rivas to Elena and Bryan A. Rojas Contreras, 1129 Ave E, Rochelle, $100,000.

Linda A. Swanson to Carl and Christine Richardson, one parcel in Rockvale Township, Byron, $2,500.

Linda A. Swanson to Andres and Andrea Gomez, one parcel in Rockvale Township, Byron, $2,500.

Linda A. Swanson to Brian P. and Mandi L. Russell, one parcel on Friday Road, Byron, $1,000.

Linda A. Swanson to Brian A. and Kari A. Malone, one parcel in Rockvale Township, $2,000.

Anthony M. and Mary A. Criscione to Cruz Rivera, 2012 Southfield Lane, Byron, $249,900.

Doris E. Coil to Kurtis L. and Luz Maria Gilkey, 202 Gale St., Oregon, $49,000.

Mark V. and Debra S. O’Brien to Cole Richard Davidson, 9532 E. Marquand Drive, Rochelle, $312,000.

Jackie G. and Alma Whetsel to Tonya M. Cooper, two parcels on South Seventh Street, Oregon, $138,500.

Richard D. and Michelle J. Pease to Christopher Todd and Kandace E. Collins, 11533 Flagg Center Road, Rochelle, $166,000.

Brian and Janet Cunningham to Ella G. Martin, 104 N. Carr Court, Mt. Morris, $80,500.

Darin C. and Lucinda Hilliard to Randy Gretschmann, 102 Sunnyhill Drive, Davis Junction, $277,000.

Christina N. Strange to Kalen and Tristen Spengler, 403 N. Division Ave., Polo, $95,000.

Quit claim deeds

Diego E. Cacique Ramirez and Iliana Montoya to Divaja Properties LLC 11th Street, 207 N. 11th St., Rochelle, $0.

Linda Swanson to Robert A. and Tammy L. Druien, 6834 N. Friday Road, Byron, $0.

Trustees deeds

Dorothy Jean Schramm Trust, Annette I. Williams, trustee, to Tiara Cheyenne Rippy, 403 N. Walnut Ave., Forreston, $71,500.

Rex and Patricia Renner Trust, Rex D. and Patricia G. Renner, trustees, to Gary S. and Michele L. Petersen, 1035 Calvin Road, Rochelle, $285,000.

Marion McLaughlin GST Exempt Trust, FBO Carole McLaughlin, Marion Mclaughlin Non Exempt Trust, FBO Carole Mclaughlin, First National Bank In Amboy, trustee, to Northern Illinois Gas Co., also Nicor Gas Co., 9664 N. Kennedy Hill Road and 9252 N. state Route 2, Byron, $100,000.

Daoa Living Trust 1, Dean E. Ankney, trustee, to Blake A. Benesh, ten parcels in Rockvale Township, $1,228,000.

Executors deed

Estate of Robert J. White to Elena Call, 200 Ramona Ave., Rochelle, $110,000.

Sheriff’s deed

Ogle County sheriff to Hub Shuttle Inc., 4954 E. Nordic Woods Drive, Byron, $145,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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