Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed May 3-10

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

Craig A. and Beth A. Wilson to Michael P. Taylor, two parcels on Luther Road, Sterling, $221,826.

Triple W Properties Inc. to Michael P. Taylor, one parcel on Luther Road, Sterling, $208,174.

Christine D. Palmer to Derek D. and Cynthia A. Wildemuth, 7074 Blue Goose Road, Prophetstown, $480,000.

Jeremy D. Butts to Sergio Cruz and Camerino Cruz Cabrera, 2101 13th Ave., Rock Falls, $79,900.

Jared M. and Ashley M. Cole to Kylie Chenoweth, 1316 Eighth Ave., Erie, 170,000.

Edwardo Castillo to Shirley A. Fullen, 2804 W. Rock Falls Road, Rock Falls, $74,900.

James C. and Kathleen L. Ellicott to Kennedy Oltman, 511 W. Park St., Morrison, $83,000.

Patricia Duffek to Seth Robertlee Buckert, 512 W. Main St., Morrison, $141,000.

M and K Real Estate LLC to Maclean Mallard LLC, 405-409 Ave. L, Sterling, $1,680,000.

Garry R. and Wendy Scott to Reynaldo Zamora Casanova and Amanda S. Martinez, 106 E. Ninth Ave., Lyndon, $175,000.

Becky S. McKinley to Angela Lynne Willett, 506 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $142,900.

Alejandra Holi and Alfredo Cervantes to Jared Eduardo Fernandez Gonzales and Maria Delourdes Gonzales Gaytan, 607 Third Ave., Sterling, $35,000.

Ryan P. Reyes to Eldon D. and Felicia E. Oltmanns, 1407 Ave F, Sterling, $199,900.

Michael P. and Dawn D. Sterba to Vermave LLC, 704 E. Second St., Sterling, $171,000.

Eugene V. Noffsinger to Sylvia A. and Robert D. Phillips Jr., 936 Stern Road, Albany, $85,000.

Anthony E. and Natalie Deseno to Mario Salas, 611 Broadway Ave., Sterling, $40,000.

Gary L. Sutphin Estate and Judith Sutphin to Jacob, Rachel and Donald Reul, 508 Jackson St., Prophetstown, $25,500.

Rocky F. and Darcy L. McGowen to Murphy Joint Trust, Ryan G. and Ashley C. Murphy, trustees, 3305 E. 18th St., Sterling, $500,000.

Kevin L. Fiorini to Lindsay N. Zigler, 1712 Ave D, Sterling, $105,000.

Johnny P. and Melody L. Donohue to Brenan M. and Kendra A. Linke, 21464 Mathew Road, Sterling, $300,000.

Quit claim deeds

Jessica L. Craven to Venhuizen Family Trust, Monty R. and Jon A. Venhuizen, trustees, 929 Main St., Erie, $0.

Edwin K. Davis to City of Sterling, 503 Ave B, Sterling, $100,000.

Trustees deeds

Cody M. Beyer Family Trust to Jerry L. Temple and Chelsea Churchill, 201 Highland Ave., Erie, $155,000.

Elwin N. LeFevre Trust, Dennis Lefevre, trustee, to Oroquois Valley Farms LLC, three parcels on Holly Road, Sterling, $1,573,433.

David and Rotche Kort Family Trust to Thanh V. Mai and Thoa Thi Tran, 4009 Hillcrest Lane, Sterling, $380,000.

Executors deeds

Lyle E. Linden Estate to Amy K. Meier and Robbie D. Shirley, 305 N. Joy St., Tampico, $28,500.


Whiteside County sheriff and John M. Alls to Newrez LLC, DBA Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing, 401 S. Hall St., Morrison, $0.

Ronald I. Minton Estate and Patricia M. Minton to Mortgage Assets Management Series I Trust, Bank Of New York Mellon Trust, co-trustee, 505 Seventh Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Jay R. and Lucas Pauley and Whiteside County sheriff to Rock River Housing Trust, 708 15th Ave., Rock Falls, $35,001.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

Kirchhofer Brothers LLC to Mark A. and Stacy J. LeFevre, 2256 Herman Road, Ashton and 1525 Middlebury Road, Ashton, $2,685,962.

Dennis and Sharri Antoine to Mark D. Bonnell, 2462 W. Richardson Road, Brooklyn, $301,400.

Marvin Jenner to Jesus M. Marquez, 2965 Gurler Road, Rochelle, $302,500.

Zofia Krzywosz to Omar Ramirez Valadez, block 8, lot 142, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $16,000.

Daniel R. Fleming to Cedric D. Idom Sr. and Consuelo V. Frederick Ballom, block 10, lot 82, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $8,000.

Mark Robert and Karen S. Wagner to Brian David and Tanya M. Clinite, block 26, lot 189, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $17,500.

Larco Rentals LLC and Larry Yingling to Toomsen Rentals LLC, 923 King Court, Dixon, $63,500.

Terry L. Pritchard to Phillip E. and Sharon K. Rucker, 1018 College Ave., Dixon, $80,000.

Edward M., Edward Byron and Frederick W. Chiverton and Sarah Stout to Pamela Ann Payne, one parcel in Harmon Township, $272,000.

Deborah L. Alvarado-Duran and Estevan Duran to Washington J. Mina, block 5, lot 461, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $70,000.

Glen Erickson to William R. Warren, 309 Spruce St., Dixon, $100,000.

Ashton Lions Club to Gary Mason, 803 Main St., Ashton, $0.

Timothy McCaffrey to Samuel John and Byron Paul Hydel, 224 W. Hubbard St., Amboy, $90,000.

David J. Delhotal to John Witek, one parcel in Lee Center Township, $141,250.

Brian and Felicia Rowland to Jordan P. Hochstatter, 8 Oak St., Amboy, $149,900.

Quit claim deeds

Gayla Walker and Holly Rae Witczak to Emily Grimm, 906 W. Ninth St., Dixon, $0.

Alfredo Arroyo to Manuel Olivares and Araceli Arroyo, block 8, lot 38, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0. Trustees deeds

Leo H. Peterson Trust, First National Bank in Amboy, trustee, to Paul and Lynn Roe, one parcel of farmland in Nelson Township, $1,128,903.

Marilyn L. Smallwood Revocable Trust, Marilyn Smallwood, trustee, to Anakin Rodriguez, 105 W. Main St., Harmon, $80,000.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

Kevin J. Miller to Rebecca Iaccino and James P. Sietsema, 1017 Lincoln Highway, Rochelle, $138,000. Cliford J. and Wendy Johnson to Andrew and Kelleigh Miller, two parcels on Mix St. and one in Oregon-Nashua Township, Oregon, $550,000.

First State Bank to Ross Whalen, 7300 S. Rock Nation Road, Dixon, $119,900.

Thomas R. and Kathleen M. Hughes to Randell C. and Roberta A. Calvert, 328 First Light Drive, Stillman Valley, $280,000.

Michael T. and Malia R. Steven and Alyssa Bradley, 6953 N Alpine Dr., Stillman Valley, $294,900.

Gary L. and Gail L. Fruin to John T. and Diane S. Wells, 416 W. Washington St., Oregon, $154,000. Lynnette Abell to Derek Horner, 10312 E. Kuehl Court, Rochelle, $33,000.

Alan and Vicki Rainwater to Brandon David Ricker, 106 South St., Davis Junction, $179,900.

Adam and Holly Bouvia to Britney and Austin Baumgartner, 100 N. Main St., Forreston, $169,100.

Khalid and Amooda N., also Mahmooda N. Nazeer to Hale-Hanson Family Trust, Ruth E. Hale-Hanson, also Ruth E. Hanson Hale, and Brian A. Hale, trustee, 3065 E. Ancient Oak Drive, Oregon, $42,500.

BPDM Properties 20181 LLC to Casondra Bailey, 201 W. Center St., Mt. Morris, $125,000.

Donna J. Hayenga to Courtney P. Mizner and Andrew D. Newman, 102 E. Front St., Mt. Morris, $123,000.

David G. and Linda S. Poole to Sarah Duncan Sundquist, one parcel in Buffalo Township, $884,500.

Gary W. Hoffstead II to Timothy O. Hawley, 6184 N. Oak Court, $189,900.

The late Rodney W. Reeder to Seth W. Gronewold, 11764 N Tower Road, $347,000.

Frederick E. and Michelle Kastning to Tad Gothard, 8804 and 8844 W. Townline Road, $349,000.

Robert L. and Robin J. Miller to Nikolaus Schleitwiler, 512 E. Buffalo St., Polo, $72,000.

Haywell-Westwood LLC to Jared Hoey, 825 N. 12th St., Rochelle, $145,900.

Flagg Road Rochelle Properties LLC to Daniel and Natasha Carmichael, one parcel in Flagg Township, $0. Britton N. Brooks to Monty Typer, 802 S. Second St., Oregon, $90,000.

Quit claim deeds

David E. and Barbara A. Kinn to Marjorie A. Schabacker, 105 N. Cherry St., Chana, $0.

Mappine Properties LLC to Jeffrey W. and Joan Meiners, two parcels in Taylor Township, $176,000. Trustees deeds

Beverly M. Sarber Trust, Beverly M. Sarber, trustee, to Dorothy L. Spratt, 910 S Congress Ave., Polo, $0.

First Mid Wealth Management Co. Land Trust 44190460, First Mid Wealth Management Co., trustee, to Stephen James Anderson, 302 W. Front St., Mt. Morris, $207,500.

Stephen R. and Joan C. Wittrup Living Trust, Stephen R. and Joan C. Wittrup, trustees, to Bryan C. Holt, William, Geraldine Gorman and Moira C. Gorman-Fisk, 710 Kaskaskia Drive, Dixon, $370,000.

Executors deed

The late Ruth I. Bunger by executor to Thomas E. and Rosalie A. Krause, 207 Drake Ave., Rochelle, $156,000.

Estate of the late Clyde J. Berndt to Anthony W. and Dawn H. Hendrickson, 271 W. Margaret Fuller Road, $229,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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