Polo High School student’s artistic creations spark joy

Zoie Wyatt of Polo has plans to study art and psychology at North Park University in Chicago after graduation from PHS.

POLO – Polo High School art standout Zoie Wyatt, 18, wants a better, happier world. Using bright colors and pop stylings, Wyatt works to bring attention to troublesome issues such as corporate waste and environmental concerns through a pleasing Warholian eye.

“Zoie is one of the most creative people walking our planet,” Polo art teacher Nikki Smith said. “Her imagination, individuality and creativity shines through all that she does.”

Wyatt bridges both the digital and traditional avenues of creating art. The young artist already has made a name for herself around the school and at the Dixon farmers market for her polymer clay earrings and hair clips. Very much Lisa Frank-inspired, the fun jewelry ranges from hot dogs to disco balls.

“It’s fun to sell the earrings at the high school because when I see others or my friends wearing them, I know they actually like what I made,” Wyatt said.

As she delves deeper into learning software and creating art digitally, she said one thing that drives her is creating “tiny versions of big things or big versions of tiny things.”

Wyatt also will be focusing more on recycling and upcycling in her art as she studies at North Park University in Chicago.

Along with receiving a scholarship to North Park, Wyatt was awarded the PHS 2024 Art Award from longtime art teacher Smith, who has had a big influence on Wyatt and who “has been very supportive and encouraging me to try many different things,” Wyatt said.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Wyatt also participates in the yearbook club, school newspaper, drama club and high school plays.

With only a few weeks before the end of the school year and her time at Polo High School, Wyatt no doubt will continue to thrive and adapt, her teacher said.

”You could say that creativity is Zoie’s superpower,” Smith said. “And it is so powerful that she is able to inspire her peers, friends and teachers.”

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Alex Paschal

Alex T. Paschal

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