Letter: Retired Whiteside County sheriff supports Christie Cox for coroner

Sauk Valley Letters to the Editor

To the editor and the esteemed residents of Ogle County,

As a former Whiteside County sheriff with a decade of leadership and over 30 years in law enforcement, I write to you today not only as a fellow public servant but as an advocate for the principles that underpin our shared commitment to justice, integrity and community welfare.

The role of coroner, a position of critical importance and trust, demands a candidate who embodies these values, equipped with both the expertise and the ethical fortitude to serve with impartiality and dedication. It is with this understanding of the profound responsibilities entrusted to the coroner that I invite you to consider what truly qualifies someone to hold this office.

A coroner’s office is not just about managing the procedural aspects of untimely deaths but also upholding the delicate balance between law enforcement, judicial integrity and public health. This role requires a candidate who can navigate these complexities with an unwavering commitment to fairness, transparency and independence.

In evaluating candidates, I urge you to look beyond the surface of political endorsements and campaign promises. Consider instead the depth of their understanding of the coroner’s multifaceted role, their readiness to serve without bias and their proven dedication to serving the community with respect and integrity.

Choosing the next coroner is not merely a decision for today but a testament to your collective values and your vision for the future of Ogle County. It is an opportunity to affirm your trust in an individual who stands not just for what is expedient, but for what is right, ensuring that the office remains a beacon of unbiased service, safeguarding the well-being and trust of your community.

As someone who has dedicated years to serving in law enforcement, I have witnessed firsthand the impact of leadership that prioritizes the community’s needs above all else. It is from this place of experience and respect for the role you are now tasked with filling that I encourage you to consider these principles as you make your choice.

From my vantage point, observing the political landscape of Ogle County, Christie Cox emerges as a candidate worthy of serious consideration. I have known Christie Cox, her husband of nearly 33 years, and their children, for over a decade. I can attest to the remarkable character and high caliber of her family. The integrity and values she embodies, nurtured within her family and demonstrated throughout her campaign, underscore her suitability for this critical position. Her approach to the role, emphasizing independence, community engagement and a principled dedication to the office’s sanctity, suggests a readiness to serve Ogle County with the respect and diligence it deserves.

Kelly Wilhelmi, Sterling

Kelly Wilhelmi is a retired Whiteside County sheriff.